Bangladesh Most Polluted Country, Dhaka 2nd Worst Capital

Dhaka City
Photo: Collected

According to the 2021World Air Quality Report by IQAir, a worldwide air quality data platform, Bangladesh is the world’s most polluted country, with Dhaka as the second most polluted city.

On Monday, the worldwide real-time air quality information network released its annual air quality report.

Apart from Bangladesh, Chad, Pakistan, Tajikistan, and India ranked first through fifth on the report’s list of the world’s five most polluted countries.

According to UNB, New Delhi (India) was the most polluted capital city in the world for the fourth year in a row in 2021, followed by Dhaka (Bangladesh), N’Djamena (Chad), Dushanbe (Tajikistan), and Muscat (Oman).

PM2.5 air pollution data from ground-based air quality monitoring stations in 6,475 cities across 117 nations, regions, and territories is used to compile the 2021 World Air Quality Report.

In this research, 44 percent of the air quality monitoring stations are administered by government entities, while the rest are monitored by citizen scientists, non-profit organizations, and businesses.

“In 2021, Central and South Asia had some of the worst air quality in the world, with 46 of the top 50 most polluted cities. Zhezqazghan and Chu (Kazakhstan) were the only two cities that fulfilled the new WHO PM2.5 guidelines “According to the platform.

“Air quality in China improved in 2021, with more than half of the cities featured in the survey reporting lower levels of air pollution than the previous year,” the report concluded.

According to IQAIR, pollution levels in Beijing’s capital city followed a five-year trend of improving air quality, owing to emission management and reductions in coal power plant activities and other high-emission businesses.

Surprisingly, just 3% of cities and no one country passed the current World Health Organization (WHO) PM2.5 standard, according to the 2021 World Air Quality Report.