5 Shirts that Chris Evans Wears to Look Handsome

Photo: Collected

Chris Evans is one of several “Chrises” ruling Hollywood today (along with Pratt, Pine, and Hemswort ), but he’s probably the best dressed of them all, and one of those celebrities who is admired for both his talent and his personality. the perfect looks that she usually wears every time she appears in public.

We all place the actor as Captain America, an Avenger who came from the past and had to adapt to the modern world, but who had a lot of style, personality and bearing, and those with characteristics that Evans himself shares, and that greatly influence what decide to use.

And what happens is that clothes are very important, they provide security, transform everyone’s appearance, and can even make you look much more handsome or sexy without having to try too hard, and that is precisely why the protagonist of Lightyear, the movie that tells Buzz Lightyear ‘s “origin story”, has a selection of basic shirts that he can’t stop wearing.

Chris Evans’ 5 favorite shirts to look handsome:

The knitted polo

The polo shirt (like the one Evans wore to the Lightyear premiere ) is one of the best you can wear when you want to be casual, but in a more sophisticated and elegant way. The advantage of knit pieces is that they are lighter and cooler, so they adapt well to your body and help create a better silhouette, plus they are ideal for layering (with jackets or coats) without making you sweat or die of heat.

The most important thing is that you look for colors that complement your skin tone and that are interesting enough to make the shirt the star of your outfit.

The long sleeve polo

Idris Elba, Evans and many other actors have proven that this is one of the coolest pieces you can have, because it allows you to show off your body, muscles and silhouette, but without revealing too much skin.

This is a great shirt to wear on its own, and simply pairing it with dress pants gives you a winning look that is sophisticated, but not too serious, boring or conservative.

The henley

The Henley shirt is identified by having 2 or 3 buttons on the front, this is one of those that comes from the world of the military and that went from being an interior piece to a shirt that can be worn alone, with a jacket, sweater and many other ways.

This type of shirt looks best when it is slightly fitted (not too close), as it highlights the back and muscles (even if they are small) and has the advantage that it can be seen more arranged depending on the pieces with which you combine it. . It is a classic that does not go out of style.

The light sweater

It’s not exactly a shirt, but rather a knitted (or knitted) sweater that’s very light, allowing you to wear it like a shirt. Like the polo shirt, this type of jumper conforms to your natural shape to create a better visual effect, plus it can be worn tucked into pants if you want to add formality without having to resort to a button-down shirt.

Evans wears it on its own, but you can wear it under all kinds of presses if needed (if it’s cold, it’s ideal to wear with a jacket, jacket or coat), without adding too much bulk.

The tight tank top

The famous tank top has been worn for many, many years. But don’t just think of undershirts, there are versions that are to be worn alone and on the outside, and Evans proves that they look better when they are more fitted, and under an interesting jacket. This shirt is perfect for when you want to add layers, but without making your outfit too hot or uncomfortable.