Cold Snap Brings Snow and Outages Across Europe

Europe winter weather disruptions

As bone-chilling cold and snowy conditions move across Europe, regions including the UK, Germany, Finland, Scotland, northeast England, and even London stand ready to encounter perilous winter weather. Residents of the UK have been warned to prepare for potentially dangerous circumstances as official yellow weather warnings have been issued.

Germany’s capital, Berlin, likely won’t top -4.5°C, while the Finnish city of Helsinki may not surpass -8°C amid the harsh seasonal climate. Germany has its own storm warnings in place, with predictions of up to 20 centimeters of snow accumulation in certain areas, per a Bloomberg report. Additionally, you can also read about- Stopping the Spread: How to Contain Colds and Flu When Illness Hits Home

The icy blast follows a late start to the heating period, enabling multiple countries to stockpile record natural gas reserves. And although such inventories aren’t meant to fully meet peak seasonal power demand, their presence helps stabilize prices. Still, some withdrawals have begun.

As the first December week approaches, predictions for Europe vary. While Maxar foresees continued cold across most of Europe over the next two weeks, some models hint at a potential temperature rebound in the northwest, possibly starting on December 6. In fact, Global Forecast System data suggests above-average warmth in central and southern Europe.

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