Destiny Cosplay: A Quick Guide

Destiny Cosplay

Through cosplay, you can show off your creative talents and express yourself. During festivals, fans transform into heroes, indicating their love for a particular universe. It is a unique chance to find people with the same passions and join the culture.

But this is not the only reason why cosplay is loved. It is a perfect opportunity to become your favorite character and adopt his character and behavior. Today, we will talk about Destiny cosplay. There are three types of characters in the virtual world of Destiny: Hunter, Titan, and Warlock. Each has unique costumes, accessories, and weapons that highlight all their character traits.

Steps to Creating a Destiny Cosplay Costume

The first step is to decide on a character. As we have already said, each hero in the world of Destiny has his characteristics, which directly affect the costume. The Hunter has lighter armor and a sniper weapon. The Titan has heavy, complex armor that withstands blows in close combat. Warlock has the lightest armor. She is more elegant and mystical.

Once you’ve chosen a character, collect as many references as possible. Detail is essential in cosplay, but making a complete costume replica is unnecessary. In addition, it is pretty expensive. Look through pictures of your chosen hero and how other cosplayers style him. It will help create your image.

A distinctive feature of the Destiny universe is that all the heroes wear specific masks. Creating one at home takes work. If you don’t have the resources to do this, you can buy a ready-made element. It is best to decide on specialized stores. It guarantees the authenticity of the item and its high quality.

Warlocks and Hunters wear capes and cloaks. The Hunter has a hood that helps him hide in the desert, while the Warlock has a long coat. You can make this element of the image yourself, so there should be no difficulties here. It’s a little more difficult with the Titan because this character has impressive armor. It is probably why Titan cosplay is quite rare.

We’ve already talked about how important details are. They are what make your character recognizable. Destiny costumes have a wide variety of elements. You don’t have to include them all in your costume. But, for example, for a Hunter, it is worth leaving gloves, knee pads, a tactical bag, and a holster.

The last stage is assembling the costume. Before you go to a cosplay party, you should try on the costume. Be sure to equip all items, including the cape, armor, gloves, boots, and mask. It will help you understand how comfortable you are. You should add a few details or remove something.

And the last thing you need for good cosplay is to convey the character’s personality. You likely chose the hero because she is your favorite and the one you play most often. Therefore, you know his behavior, peculiarities of experience, and signature phrases. Use this to create your best party look.

Here are some tips to help you make the perfect cosplay costume

If you are a true cosplayer, you want to create the perfect costume. And for this, you will have to spend a lot of time. But one life hack will help you: go to a cosplay store.

This solution will help you:

  • avoid the need to make a mask or weapon;
  • get authentic items from the Destiny universe;
  • create a detailed costume.

You can always order if the item you require is outside the catalog or in stock. This is an excellent solution if you want to create the perfect costume but only have a little time.

3D printing technology is used to make cosplay items. It means that even the most bulky weapons will weigh little. You can feel comfortable at the party and avoid headaches by ordering a Hunter or Warlock mask.