How to Make a Traditional Scottish Kilt?

Scottish kilt makers
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Kilts are known as the pleated knee-length skirt that has been worn with full zest by everyone who belongs to the Celtic heritage. The frontal side of the Kilt is tailored in the form of an apron made with two panels. An authentic kilt must have customized, and handmade feel attached to it. Learn how to make a traditional Scottish kilt in simple steps.

How much fabric do I need for a traditional kilt?

For tailoring a modern kilt for adult, you would require 6 to 8 yards of single-width fabric or 3 to 4 yards of double-width. The material must be woven so that it matches on the selvedge.

How many pleats are in Scottish Kilt?

Mostly traditional Scottish kilts possess 29 pleats. The Scottish Kilt Maker Association wants to issue a set of rules establishing the standard Kilt as having 29 pleats. 

What is a five-yard kilt?

Usually, traditional Kilt requires 6 to 8 yards of fabric. It can make the dress very heavy to be carried mainly for the ones who do not belong to the Celtic culture. A 5-yard kilt is much lighter and easier to maintain. For everyday wear, 5-yard Kilt works only fine whereas, for occasional wear, the eight-yard Kilt is an excellent choice.

How long does it take to make a kilt?

For making a traditional kilt, the tailors take about 3 to 4 weeks. There are so many details that go into this dress that is why it takes long to be tailored with perfection. 

Do it Yourself Kilt

Who has time to stitch Kilt when you can make one within no time? Here are six steps for making Kilt.

Preparing for the belt

Once you do all the measurements and choosing the Kilt, measure the length between your belly button and just above your knees. It is where the belt is stitched.

Put the belt under the Kilt

Slide the belt gently under the Kilt. Make sure there are no creases.

Putting on the Kilt

Now lay down on the Tartan with the edge of the pleats at the backside of your knees and pull over the right apron then left and smooth everything out.

The Kilt on

Once the belt is fastened up, then stand up the upper region will fall over the bottom. You can adjust the pleats from there as all of them would be at one level.

How to adjust the top section of the DIY Kilt?

  • Take the corner side of the under apron over the belt and tuck it inside. Take the fold from that and place it over the back of your left shoulder. Please do the same with the other side but put it on the front of the shoulder. Visit the website
Put the pieces together

Now tie the corner with leather string, or you can use the metal brooch.

Final word

Kilts have been in fashion for a long time. These days both men and women love wearing dresses. Instead of purchasing expensive Kilt its better if you make one by yourself. Learn how to make a traditional Scottish kilt with easy 6 DIY steps.


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