Joint Pain in Winter? Here are Tips for Relief

Joint pain
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Do you feel pain in your knees, wrists, and hands in the winter season? If yes, then you should apply these methods for joint pain relief.

Proper and balanced catering is essential for relieving joint pain. Use bitter gourd, eggplant, neem, and sajne (Moringa oleiferato be consumed more and more in this disease.

The winter season can be difficult for people suffering from joint pain. In winter, the problem increases even more. There are several reasons why the body begins to swell in winter. The problem of joint pain in winters is more visible in the elderly as winters come.

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In addition to that not having proper blood circulation, the blood vessels shrink in winter, so that blood is not properly accessible to the parts of the body. Non-transmission of blood causes reduced body temperature, causing the joints to shrink. Therefore, the problem of pain in winter is more troubling. Let’s know some of its remedies (remedies for joint pain).

Which people have more problems?

Osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, chronic joint pain, chronic injury, or this problem is more common in older people. In addition to knees, this problem can also occur in the hip, elbow, shoulders, and hands.

Ghee Intake

Arthritis is seen as a disease that causes an excess of vata to reduce moisture throughout the body and reduces smoothness. The use of ghee, sesame, or olive oil relieves inflammation, lubricates the joints, and reduces joint stiffness.

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Yoga Practice Reduces Disease

Yoga practice works as a medicine for 100 diseases, which allows you to keep away not just from the pain but also from many diseases. If you don’t want to do a difficult posture, make Surya Namaskar, Pranayam, Meditation a part of your lifestyle. In addition, 25-30 minutes of morning walk will also keep your joints healthy.

Catering Care

A proper and balanced diet is essential to get rid of joint pain. Use bitter gourd, brinjal, neem, and sajne data to make more and more of the disease and also eat all kinds of plum and avocado.

Winter sunshine

Around 10-15 minutes in the sun or yoga. This will give the body vitamin D and also increase blood circulation.

(Disclaimer: Be sure to Consult Doctors before Taking any measure)

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