Opulent lighting fixtures to amplify the aura of your bedroom

Opulent lighting fixtures
Photo Credit: https://www.beautifulhomes.com/

Lighting up a bedroom is a very crucial task as this is the most important space of your home. A bedroom is where you end your day and begin it too and that’s why the lighting designs have to be carefully chosen to set the right tone to the room and give it a cozy atmosphere.

It is up to you to go for a warm and fuzzy ambience in your bedroom or choose lighting fixtures that offer a soft, sombre and moody atmosphere. When it comes to designing a bedroom, it’s not just about flashy chandeliers, practical wall lights, efficient table lamps or swanky floor lamps, it’s about achieving a balance between all these elements.

Lending an opulent touch to your bedroom is not as tricky as people think it is. Especially with lighting fixtures that are as suave and as elegant as The White Teak offers, you literally don’t have to sweat it out to get the lighting right in your bedroom. We bring to you a range of lighting designs from The White Teak Company, you can take your pick and add a striking element to your adorable bedrooms.

Adding that eye-catching element to your bedroom

No matter how simple and subtle you’d like to keep your bedroom, you need at least one element in the space that stands out and makes you go speechless every time you enter. There are a lot of lighting designs in The White Teak collection that can do that for you but there’s this beauty in particular that will completely transform your bedroom.

A part of The White Teak’s Luxe Collection chandeliers, Symbols of Love is a lighting fixture that will never let you take your eyes off it. If crystals are something that excites you, then you can even go ahead with Lighting Up Lisbon, another one of our bestselling pieces from the Luxe Collection. And if you want to go all out with your bedroom decor, you can go with Daydreamer, an extremely opulent, elegant and practical lighting fixture for the space. Daydreamer is equipped with smart light.

Practical table lamps to add functionality to your bedroom

While we have already recommended a swanky lighting fixture to keep you in the clouds, we also have a few practical and subtle lighting fixtures that will keep you grounded. Table lamps are a must in your bedroom as they add to the ambient lighting of the bedroom and also add functionality to your bedroom. Our recommendations in this category include the enchanting Love Potion, stunning Arrived table lamp and Day For a Knight from our ceramic collection.

Floor lamps to add elegant ambient lighting to your bedroom

Floor lamps are quite practical and can enhance the appearance of your bedroom significantly. If the design is chosen carefully and it doesn’t occupy a lot of space, then there’s no harm in adding this piece of ambient lighting to your bedroom. Apart from being practical and efficient, floor lamp can be quite aesthetically pleasing too. Our foremost recommendation in this space is our beautiful and extremely efficient piece called Slightly Addicted. This piece exhibits a design that’s pleasing to the eye and also comes with smart LED to make your bedroom much more versatile. If you want to go for something a little more conventional, we recommend going with You Owe Me, another stunning piece of lighting that’s up for grabs.