Rajgir Best Tourist Destination in Bihar, India

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Beautiful Rajgir is surrounded by five hills

One of the best tourist places in India’s Bihar, Rajgir is surrounded by five hills and its beauty increases considerably during the rainy season. In the Nalanda district, about 100 kilometers from Patna, Rajgir, situated amidst hills and dense forests. There are religious sites of all three religions Hindu, Jain and Buddhist. It is not only famous for religious reasons, but also famous for its beautiful health resort. 

Wrestling between Bhima and Jarasandha

Rajgir belongs to Dwapara yuga. You may have heard about the battle of Bhima and Jarasandha in the Mahabharata. Rajgir (Rajgriha) was the capital of Jarasandha, the ruler of Magadha. The ground where the wrestling took place between Bhima and Jarasandha is still present there. The religious sites of all three religions are Hindu, Jain and Buddhist remain in Rajgir.

Rajgriha is the old name of Rajgir

The old name of Rajgir was Rajgriha, the old capital of the Magadha Empire. There are many places to visit in this beautiful and very old city from the World Peace Pagoda (Stupa). Bathing in Brahmakund and Saptadhara is one of the special importance.

Total 22 kunds and 52 streams in Rajgir

There are 22 kunds (small reservoir) and 52 streams in Rajgir, which increases the beauty of this place. Twenty-two kunds of Rajgir include Brahmakund, Saptadhara, Vyas, Anant, Markandeya, Ganga-Yamuna, Kashi, Surya, Moon, Sita, Ram-Lakshmana, Ganesh, Ahilya, Nanak, Makhdum, Saraswati, Agnidhara, Godavari, Vaitarani, Dukhrani, Bharata, and Shaligram Kunda.

Rajgir kund is full of medicinal properties

The waters of all the 22 kunds of Rajgir are considered to have sacred and medicinal properties. People who come here take bath in these pools.

Many scenic spots in Rajgir

The major sightseeing places of Rajgir include Vishwa Shanti Stupa, Son Bhandar, Jarasandha Arena, Bimbisara Jail, Naulakha Temple, Japanese Temple, Baba Siddhanath Temple, Jain Temple, Gridhkut Parbat, Red Temple, Horse Bowl Dam, Venuvan, Security Wall, Jethian Buddha Path, Saptavarni Cave etc.

Zoo Safari on 480 acres of land

The construction of Zoo Safari on 480 acres of land between Swarnagiri and Vaibhavagiri mountains of Rajgir is in final stage. It was expected that this safari will be ready in August, 2020. Tourists can visit and see other animals including lions, bears, tigers and cheetahs. There is vegetarian animal safari in about 30-hectare area. It will keep deer, chital, deer and other vegetarian animals including sambar.

Five parts of Zoo Safari in Rajgir

There will be five parts in Zoo Safari. Deer, bear, leopard, tiger and lion will be kept in it. In the Zoo Safari, the animals will live in the open area and the visitors can see the animals from a closed car. 

How to visit Rajgir

Rajgir is about 100 kilometers from Patna. You can use railway and road to travel here. There will be four trains available daily from Patna to Rajgir. Besides, you can also visit Rajgir from Patna by taxi or car and bus. Apart from these, regular buses are open from Patna to Rajgir. You can also travel Patna by air.