Weight Loss Diet: These 5 Yummy Recipes Can Help You

weight loss diet
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Obviously, I began my weight loss journey with regular exercise and dietary restriction. I consumed the same type of chili, a bowl of vegetables, green tea, and other items daily. The diet-friendly and weight reduction meals eventually became monotonous for me. And whenever this occurred, I always found myself craving something more decadent. As I tried with numerous recipes and searched for new ones, I learned that buttermilk is one of those substances with which one can explore.

Buttermilk is extremely healthy to the digestive system and easy on the stomach. It is simple to produce wonderful curries that are infinitely more luxurious than a simple chilla. In addition, buttermilk has a negligible impact on body weight. So that you may test out some buttermilk recipes, here are some dishes you can add to your menu. Check out them below:

Here Are Five Buttermilk Recipes That Can Help You Lose Weight:

Buttermilk sambhar

This dish is one of our top suggestions! A South Indian treat loaded with regional spices and buttermilk — delectable! Sambar goes well with dosa, idli, vada, and other dishes. This sambhar meal is rich in nutrients and aromatic spices. This sambhar recipe is quick to prepare.

Sangri Kanda

This is a delectable traditional Rajasthani curry called Sangri Kanda. Sangri beans are often tasteless, but depending on how they are prepared, they can be transformed into a delicious dish. In this recipe, beans are cooked in buttermilk with Indian spices to produce a unique and healthful dish. This can be served with roti.

Moru Curry

The Moru curry may be prepared in 20 minutes using commonplace ingredients. This wonderful dish is prepared using buttermilk, coconut oil, coconut flakes, and basic south Indian spices, which provide the curry’s distinctive flavor. This recipe is the South Indian equivalent of the North Indian kadhi.

Buttermilk Chicken With Broccoli

Here’s an easy option for those hurried weeknight dinners: buttermilk chicken with broccoli. This chicken meal offers everything, from flavor to ease of preparation. To create a well-balanced, nutritious meal, serve broccoli with relish! In addition, this chicken meal is exquisite for any non-vegetarian who is dieting.

Chaach Khichdi

The sour buttermilk in the Chaach wali khichdi recipe provides the khichdi with depth, texture, and flavor. The khichdi is cooked as usual in a pressure cooker, with the vegetables added at the end. The dish is then completed with a mixture of buttermilk and besan.

Make these delicious recipes now and maintain a healthy weight! Tell us which one you enjoyed the most.