Why you should try The Stock Market Game to learn Trading?

The Stock Market Game

Stock Market Games are increasing in popularity due to the fact that it can stimulate your trading decision and can give you a real-time overview that where you stand on your stock market knowledge and strategies.

With the evolution of virtual trading, now all financial collages and schools are interested to provide paper trading simulation account to their students to practice trading.

Playing the stock market game is great for students as well as a teacher because it gives a practical knowledge about their finance knowledge.

With all the increasing popularity there are few stock markets games application on the internet which provides free services to users to come and play on real time stock markets.

These market games simulate the actual working of the true stock market. They provide real-time data from the market and provide a trading interface to trade with.

To make it more lucrative and funny they provide the leaderboard so that every user can compare itself within the pool and adjust the trading strategy if he or she is lacking on position with others.

As we know the United States and India have the biggest stock market running and you can trade listed companies from all around the world.

The daily trade’s amount goes in billions and learning to trade before entering that big market would be beneficial for financial analysts, individual users/investors.

So if you want to try that market game application. Below is the list of some top stock market games currently available on the internet for free use.

  1. TradingKart Stock Market Game

  2. The Stock Market Game by SIFMA Foundation

  3. Wall Street Survivor

  4. How The Market Works

  5. SMG by Market Watch

  6. Investopedia Game

If you don’t want the hassle of the long process and to want to directly create an account and run the trading strategy you can try TradingKart simulator as it is the simplest and fastest stock market game we observed.

Currently, you can run your trading strategy for United States Stock Market only but you can get the sense of trading and practical use of how stock market trading works.

You can start with simple buying and selling of companies and later on you can delve into a more advanced feature like day trading, Limits & Stop buys & Sell.

It is great to see if your trading strategy works and it will give you boost on confidence that you can try your luck on the stock market to make some money.

With Stock Market Games you can learn to analyze stock and research about companies, how they are performing, what is the future and how the company’s performance may impact on several factors.

Also, Daily news about individual stocks may boost your financial knowledge which can beneficiate you in the longer run.

As we seen that with the stock market games now cryptocurrency market simulators are also in trends. Where user can create an account and get some virtual money to try their strategies on the crypto market.

This is a great way of learning for users who are serious about this profession. Also, it is fun to work because all money you are trading is virtual and you are free to use your free mind for any decision.

So, If you are anytime interested in the stock market and never tried due to the fear of losing money, You can try those games and see if this market is for you or not.