10 reasons why you need a water dispenser

Water Dispenser

Living in this era, we constantly use new devices and machines to make our lives easier and live more comfortably. A good example is a mobile phone and a laptop, which enables us to work and communicate more efficiently. But, how about using devices to improve our health and well-being?

Surely, our health is more important than our work and making money.

So, we zoom into the basics of improving our health, one of which is drinking enough water daily. As you know, there are many fads going on in recent years with filtered water and water dispensers. Is it really necessary to get one? We have interviewed some industry experts to get some insights, and here are 10 reasons why you might need a water dispenser.

1. It is more convenient than a kettle

Yes, the kettle is already considered a prehistoric device. Firstly, heating technology had been constant and not improving for decades. Also, you have to fill it up with water first, plug it in every time and wait for your water to boil before you can drink it.

Water Cooler

Whereas for a water dispenser, it’s heating and water storage technology keeps improving. Besides, water dispensers are usually direct piped in from a water source, which saves you time and hassle of filling up with water every day. Also, you don’t need to wait for it to boil, you can read more about this new heating technology on the 3rd reason below.

2. It has hot and cold functions.

Again, not only the water dispenser boils water and stores it, it cools water as well. So, say goodbye to storing water bottles in the fridge, as it saves you the unnecessary work of having to do so. In fact, some offices do not have a fridge at all, therefore, you will also be saving money to get one just to have cold water. On a hot day, you can easily have cold water at your fingertip with a hot and cold water dispenser.

3. It saves more energy than a hot water boiler/kettle.

Modern water dispensers innovate the hot water boiling technology and uses insulation to keep the water hot. Some even newer ones feature instant hot water dispensers, in which room temperature heats up to boiling temperatures in 3 seconds. This allows much energy savings as there is no re-boiling and keeping warm of hot water in storage tanks.

4. You don’t need to wait for the water to boil.

With instant hot and cold water dispensers, you do not have to wait for the water to boil anymore. This allows you to also save waiting time and you can be more focused onto other tasks.

6. You can have tea and coffee instantly.

There are times when the hot water is not hot enough and it ruined your tea or coffee. Before you realized it, you have to re-boil the water again so that it reaches right temperatures for the tea or coffee. However, with instant hot water dispensers, that possibility is eliminated entirely.

7. You can serve many guests at the same time.

Many times, guests visit your home or office for a meetup. And during these times, they are waiting for their drink. Why? Because you do not have enough drinking water and you are boiling away tap water. Even once the water is boiled, the guest may want room temperature water, in which the just-boiled water may be too hot for them.

As a matter of fact, when you have a water dispenser, you can serve many guests at one single time without them waiting for too long. May it is room temperature, hot or cold, the water supply is consistent.

8. It provides clean drinking water than the tap.

After all, if you need to drink at least 2 liters of water daily, you have to ensure the quality is good. But, if you are drinking boiled tap water, not only you might not be reaping the benefits, you might be accumulating harmful viruses and contaminants stored in your body.

Water Purifier

However, water dispensers have an inbuilt filtration system that filters away contaminants, viruses, and bacteria. So you can rest assured that you are drinking clean filtered water. Moreover, there are also alkaline filters that add additional minerals that your body requires. Not all water dispensers feature alkaline water however, you have to be sure to check with your supplier if you require alkaline water.

9. It provides fresher water than boiled water.
When boiling water, you are most likely boiling in large quantities and storing away in different flasks and containers. When this happens, you may not know exactly when you last boiled water and maybe drinking stale water. Do you know that consuming water that is left for more than 24hours is not only considered stale but also likely contaminated due to being exposed in the air for a long period of time?

Inside water dispensers, however, the water is stored in sealed tanks and also filtered as well. With the additional instant heating technology, the water is definitely fresh.

10. It looks good in your kitchen/office renovation
Lastly, kettles look boring and do not add up as an attractive kitchen or office ware device. In fact, you may have spent a bomb in your renovation and furnishing job. Modern water dispensers, however, are a great add-on to your renovation theme. Most of the models we surveyed are not only slim, but they are also good looking as well. They come in different vibrant and fresh colors.


Owning a water dispenser provides much convenience and energy savings in the long run. It also ensures that you have the best possible quality water instead of boiling tap water. If you happen to be looking for quality and good looking water dispenser, you can check out 828 water dispenser.