5 Good Manners You Must Teach Your Child

Child manners
Photo: Pixabay

These five manners are very important to teach a child. This lesson of behavior or the practice of the children helps them develop a wonderful personality. 

The five manners for the children are mentioned below.

  1. Say ‘Please’ and ‘May I’

These 2 words — “Please” and “May I” — are magic words. These words come first if you want to teach your child manners. So, always educate your kids to ask “please” and “May I” before they take something from someone else or you. By asking these two words your kid will be humble to someone else.

2. Greet Everyone Who Calls or Comes Home

Everyone should always teach his or her child to stand and greet when someone visits home and when they leave. Also, he or she should lead the child with an example and ask to follow. 

  1. Say ‘Thank You’

Teach the child to show gratitude by saying “thank you” whenever someone gives him or her something reciprocate.

  1. Never interrupt

“Excuse me, please” — these words are always nice words because whenever you say these, the person to whom you are telling always be pleased with you. You should also tell the child to never interrupt elders when they are talking.

  1. Respect others’ opinion

Don’t try to impose your opinion on someone. You should respect the opinion of each person. Because every individual is different and unique.