Yoga for Asthma Cure: Try These 5 Yoga Postures

Yoga postures
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Try these yoga postures for asthma cure. These 5 yoga postures can help reduce asthma, relieve cough, and ease breathing. If increasing air pollution has boosted your asthma and is causing cough and stiffness, you must respond to these yoga postures. These can help you calm down and ease breathing.

Rising levels of air pollution trigger asthma and can lead to cough, cold asthma. Additional steps should be taken at this time to protect yourself from the side effects of air pollution. From exercising regularly to taking the right diet, there is much you can do to reduce the risks associated with air pollution. Yoga for Asthma is considered to be very beneficial. Many people can ask how to get relief from asthma in a natural way? Yoga can be a natural remedy for asthma. In this article, we’re going to talk about how yoga can help reduce symptoms of asthma. These yoga postures definitely help reduce the severity of the disease and its symptoms.

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These yoga postures insist on breathing, reduce stress, and soothe you. Doing these regularly can help reduce asthma symptoms such as cough and difficulty in breathing.

1. Bending Forward

This posture can open your chest and make the breathing process easier for you. It stretches your back muscles and breathes you deeper, thus providing more oxygen to your lungs. You can also do it while standing or sitting. Breathe, bend forward, exhale, and exhale slowly.

2. Bend from the side

It is also a stretching pose that can open the edge of your body and lungs. To do side bends, you need to separate your legs with width to the hip. Place your right hand on your right hip, bend your left palm, lift your hand over your head and gently bend to the right. Do the same on the other side.

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3. Savasan

Savannah helps you focus on your breathing and relieve your body from stress. These two benefits can be beneficial together to reduce asthma symptoms. Lay down on your back, your sides, feet, and palms should be open. Slow and even keep breathing and stay in the pose for 5 to 10 minutes.

4. Sukhasan

Sukhasan is another popular relaxing yoga pose that can help you calm down. It focuses on both breath control and stress management. Sit straight with your back and cross the leg. Breathe slowly and continue for 5 minutes.

5. Cobra Pose

This posture spreads your chest and neck muscles. Lie in front on your mat with your legs behind you. Raise up your upper body as it is shown in the picture below. Breathe slowly.

By doing these 5 yoga postures, you can relieve asthma symptoms like cough, difficulty in breathing. Include all these yoga postures in your routine every day.

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