Benefits of Using Onion Oil to Reduce Hair Loss

Hair loss
Photo credit: Pixabay

Many are worried about hair loss. There are a few people who don’t want thick and long hair. Do you know that onion is very useful for hair? The oil of onion has many qualities.

According to the health and lifestyle website Boldsky, the oil of onion increases hair growth. Let’s find out how to make onion oil.

The process of making onion oil

To make the onion oil, first, you have to remove the onion juice. Add coconut oil and onion juice in a pan. Then mix. Put it with a sash after it is cold. You can use this oil for up to six months.

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Method of use

Divide the hair into two parts to apply onion oil. Then apply oil on the hair. Massage lightly in the scalp. The hair will be thick and soft when you follow the correct rules.


The oil of onion is deeply conditioning. Onion oil is very useful for dry hair. Applying onion oil removes the hair loss and strengthens the hair follicles. Using onion oil removes the rash and hair loss.

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