How Many Times Should I Wash Hair in a Week?

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Who doesn’t want to get thick black and smooth hair? And it’s important to take care of your hair. However, to take care of your hair properly, you need to know the right method.

A report by health and lifestyle website Boldsky has revealed how many times hair should be washed in a week. Let’s learn about hair type of care.

Straight Hair

If the hair is straight, you can wash your hair three days a week. This type of hair does not require a lot of conditioners. You can use the serum after shampooing your hair.

Curly hair

The curly hair is a little dry. So, the hair is damaged by repeated curly hair. The curly hair should be washed twice a week. A little more conditioner is needed in the curly hair. A serum is also required.

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Wavy Hair

There are many who do not get a grip or are not straight. Those who have hair waves should smoke two to three times a week. Such hair should be used as shampoo so that the hair is not too dry or too oily. Also, Shampoo can wash hair with conditioners first.

Freeze hair

Freeze hair should be washed at least twice a week. If the hair is too dirty, you can wash your hair three times. Freeze hair should not be washed too much, as it causes dry hair, as well as hair loss. In this case, moisturizing conditioners should be used.

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