How to Get the Most Out of Your Chemical Peel Treatment

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A chemical peel is a skin-resurfacing procedure that can address multiple skin issues. The procedure can treat fine lines, wrinkles, acne, and uneven skin tone. The chemical solution applied to the skin removes the top layers, allowing new skin to grow smoother and healthier. You can choose between light, medium, or deep chemical peel depending on your aesthetic goals.

Along with your doctor’s post-treatment instructions, keeping a few other things in mind before and after treatment can help you make the most out of a chemical peel.

Take Time to Find an Affordable Clinic

Finding an affordable chemical peel clinic that doesn’t break your bank while protecting your skin can make the experience more enjoyable. Do your research and shop around to find a clinic that offers specialized service at an affordable cost or offers promotions or discounts.

In some cases, travelling to a different region might allow you to take advantage of better prices. For example, chemical peels in Toronto might be more affordable as it is a popular cosmetic procedure in the city. If you can travel, expand your options can look for clinics in different areas, as this will allow you to compare prices and potentially go on a mini vacation in the process.

Plan Your Recovery Period Beforehand

Depending on the type of peel you get, it may take a while to recover from a chemical peel. Although the procedure isn’t invasive and has minimal downtime, your skin will take some time to recover while it peels off. 

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Plan your treatment based on your schedule, as your plans can affect the impact of the treatment. For example, if you have a few beach trips planned in the middle of the summer, it might be best to avoid getting a chemical peel right before that because the treatment will make your skin sensitive, and extreme sun exposure can damage your skin.

Use High-Quality Skincare Products

Protect your skin and enhance your results by using high-quality skincare products. Avoid products with too many harsh chemicals or an extensive list of ingredients, as your skin will be sensitive and can react negatively to harsh products.

You can ask your doctor for advice on the best skin care products to use after a chemical peel. You may also have to avoid certain products, such as retinol, a week before and a few days after your peel. Retinols encourage new cell growth, but since chemical peels perform a similar task, combining retinol with a peel can adversely affect your skin.

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Combine with Other Treatments

You can boost your chemical peel results by combing it with other skincare treatments. Treatments such as dermaplaning might be a great choice as it can remove dead cells and peach fuzz for deeper cleaning through the peel.  

Another way to enhance your results is by combining numerous chemical peels, depending on your aesthetic goals. According to a clinical trial, combination chemical peels are more effective than single chemical peels in treating mild-to-moderate acne vulgaris.

Along with the tips above, give your skin some time to breathe after the treatment. Giving your skin space to heal will allow you to achieve better results and enjoy a youthful look after recovery.