How Glow Facial Oil Uses an Ancient Egyptian Technique to Make Your Skin Vibrant and Flawless?

Glow Facial Oil Make Skin Vibrant and Flawless
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What is Glow Facial Oil?

Glow Facial Oil is a skincare serum created by CO2Lift that helps to rejuvenate our skin and restore its youthfulness! Made with a combination of medical-grade ingredients, Glow Facial Oil is bound to help users to combat aging and improve other skin-related concerns such as dry skin or acne. Glow Facial Oil is a combination of 11 different ingredients and oils, each with its own unique contributions to the serum. The expansive list of unique ingredients each help to combat different skin-related conditions such as wrinkles, eczema, aging, dark under-eye circles, and more. The result? Rejuvenated and youthful-looking skin that’s bound to make an impression!

What Ancient Egyptian Technique Does Glow Facial Oil Use?

Archaeologists have been able to determine that the Ancient Egyptians were one of the first to use plant-based oils on their skin. Research gathered from ancient burial sites and hieroglyphics prove that the ancient Egyptians used different plant-based oils such as olive, sesame, moringa, and castor oil on their skin to help reduce the damage their skin received from the sun. They also used them to fight off wrinkles and preserve their skin’s youthfulness. Oils were extremely valuable in ancient Egyptian times. In fact, some research shows that oils were oftentimes even used as a form of payment.

What Ingredients Are Used in Glow Facial Oil?

Glow Facial Oil is made of a combination of 11 different oils and ingredients. Each of them has its own unique health benefits, especially when it comes to restoring the skin’s overall appearance. Listed below are the 11 ingredients found in the facial serum.

  1. Lemon Oil
  2. Jasmine Oil
  3. Rosemary Oil
  4. Avocado Oil
  5. Geranium Oil
  6. Ylang Ylang Oil
  7. Squalene Oil
  8. Rosehip Seed Oil
  9. Weet Almond Oil
  10. Rose Oil
  11. Jojoba Oil

What Benefits Are Associated with Glow Facial Oil’s Use?

As mentioned previously, each of the ingredients outlined above contributes its own exclusive benefits when it comes to improving skin’s appearance. Outlined below are a few fan-favorites when it comes to Glow Facial Oil and the unique benefits it provides to users’ skin.

Brightens skin tone and skin complexion

The combination of Lemon Oil, Rose Oil, and Sweet Almond Oil found in the Glow Facial Oil helps to brighten the skin’s complexion and overall skin tone. The Lemon Oil found in the serum contains a large amount of vitamin C which is essential to brightening skin. According to Healthline, Lemon Oil also has a large number of carotenoids and enzymes that help to lighten the skin’s overall complexion. Sweet Almond Oil is rich in vitamin E which helps to combat free radicals and improve the skin’s overall youthfulness. Lastly, Rose Oil contains several different antioxidants and fatty acids that help with cell and tissue regeneration. Ultimately, the regeneration of the cells and tissue help to brighten skin tone and complexion.

Fights aging spots and wrinkles

Several of the ingredients found in the Glow Facial Oil work together to combat aging spots and wrinkles. Rosehip Seed Oil is extremely rich in vitamin A and helps to combat aging spots and wrinkles. Rosemary Oil and Geranium Oil are also extremely beneficial in combatting deep wrinkles in the skin. Rosemary Oil helps to stop free radicals from breaking down our skin’s overall elasticity, and Geranium Oil helps to moisturize and maintain our skin’s overall moisture, even while aging.

Has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties

The combination of Jasmine Oil and Ylang Ylang Oil in the Glow Facial Oil helps to provide antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties to the serum. Jasmine Oil is known for its antiseptic properties, especially when it comes to helping to prevent or treat skin infections. Ylang Ylang Oil contains linalool which is a compound that possesses antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and antifungal elements, as well. The combination of Jasmine and Ylang Ylang Oil helps to ensure the overall health and wellbeing of your skin.

Moisturizes and protects skin from ultraviolet rays

The combination of Avocado Oil, Geranium Oil, and Jojoba Oil help to ensure that skin remains moisturized and protected from UV rays. Avocado Oil is extremely high in vitamins A, D, and E which are all three known to help protect skin from harmful UV radiation. However, Avocado Oil also helps to add moisture to the skin. As mentioned previously, Geranium Oil also helps to maintain our skin’s overall moisture. However, Jojoba Oil is slightly different in the fact that it contributes to our skin’s overall hydration, which not only helps to retain the skin’s moisture but also to combat acne and dry skin.

There are several unique benefits associated with using the Glow Facial Oil created by CO2Lift. If you’re interested in experiencing some of the benefits for yourself, consider getting started with your very own Glow Facial Oil treatment today!