Why Hire A Criminal Lawyer If You Are Innocent?

Criminal Lawyer

You must have heard many times that a person spent long years in jail while he was innocent. There are millions of such cases where the defendant failed to prove his innocence which led him to spend jail time for the crime he did not commit. Our justice system is not perfect. It is only the best outcome of the latest human intelligence and ways of defining justice. Every civilization has its laws and regulations, crime in one country may not be abhorrent in another. However, if a person is caught for a crime, he should contact a criminal lawyer at once to help him get out of the situation respectfully. 

If you are arrested for a crime you did not commit, and you think your innocence will prove itself on its own, then you are wrong. Here is why you need a criminal defence lawyer to plead your case.

1. Help With The Police Investigation

When you are arrested for a criminal offense, police will start an investigation immediately.  The purpose of the police is not to find out the truth but to establish evidence that can help them build a case. If you have a criminal lawyer by your side, he will make sure that the police do not take advantage of you or try to pin the case on you. Without a lawyer representing you, police may use every statement you make against you. A criminal lawyer will prevent that from happening.

2. Represent You In Court

A criminal case is when proceeding in court, the defendant should have reliable representation.  Without a proper representation,  the prosecution can take advantage of the fact and try to pin the case on you. A criminal lawyer actively represents his client, whether guilty or not and tries to make a way out for his client. If you are innocent, you can not prove it yourself. But your lawyer will know how to gather facts that will prove your innocence.

3. State Facts About The Case

A Criminal Lawyer will present all the facts about the case in front of the court. He will make sure that everyone notices your presence at the time of the crime that proves that you were not directly involved. Secondly, he will maneuver the facts such that they represent you positively in front of the court. If you try to prove your innocence yourself, the prosecution can maneuver your statement in such a way that it helps their case. Therefore, leading you to be found guilty for a crime you did not commit.

4. Try To Prove Your Innocence

As mentioned earlier, your innocence will not speak for itself in court. Law does not operate that way. You have to prove your innocence through credible facts. A layman can never do that effectively.  However, a criminal defence lawyer will know how to represent your case so that you are found innocent. If you do not hire a criminal lawyer, chances are that you are found guilty in the eyes of law, and you are thrown in jail unjustly. Mere facts and your cooperative behavior will not melt the hearts of the prosecution.  They are there to do their job, which is to make you look guilty. Only a criminal lawyer can help you prove your innocence. 

5. Removes Any Criminal Charges

Lastly, when you get out of the situation, there are chances that everything comes on your record. A criminal record can cause you problems in life. You may lose friends, family, and even a job. A person with a criminal record has no luck finding a good job. However, if you hire a criminal lawyer he will help you clean the records. He will try his best to remove the criminal charges from your records to allow you to have a stress-free life.

In a Nutshell

A criminal lawyer is your best option if you have been charged with a criminal offence. No matter if you are guilty or innocent, you will need a lawyer to represent your case. When you are innocent, you can not prove it through words and cooperation. You need a criminal lawyer to help you get out of the situation using the law.