When Is It Time to Get Help with a Home Insurance Claim?

An insurance lawyer intervenes to stop dominos from falling
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When should you get help with a home insurance claim? Not every claim will warrant hiring independent help to get through the process, but there are situations where the assistance of someone familiar with the insurance claims process can go a long way.

Hiring an insurance lawyer does not mean that you’re going to dispute your claim. In fact, getting help earlier in the process can help you reduce conflicts and disagreements down the road, speeding up the process and ensuring that you get a fair settlement.

You’re Disagreeing with the Insurance Adjuster

When you file an insurance claim, you will be working with a private insurance adjuster who evaluates your loss and gives the insurance company a comprehensive estimate.

Disagreements early on with the insurance adjuster can be a warning sign that it’s time for help. If you feel like the adjuster is dismissive or inaccurate in their assessments, bringing an insurance lawyer on board can help make sure your concerns are taken seriously.

You’ve Experienced a Major or Total Loss

Fires are one of the costliest insurance perils, frequently leading to claims for the total loss of a home and the homeowner’s belongings. These claims can be worth a significant sum of money, and the stakes are high for both the insurer and the policyholder.

With so much on the line, you don’t want to leave any part of your claim up to chance. With the guidance of an insurance lawyer, you can make sure your claim goes smoothly from start to finish and minimize issues with the insurer.

Language Barriers Are an Issue

Insurance claims are complicated, and even people who speak English as their first language can struggle with the legal language.

Hiring someone who can explain your home insurance policy and what the insurer expects from you can be a huge relief.

Your Home Was Affected by a Natural Disaster

As wildfires become more damaging and frequent, insurers are looking to control their costs. In the wake of a natural disaster, there can be hundreds, if not thousands of claims being made at the same time.

Under these conditions, don’t be surprised if the insurer attempts to mitigate their own costs at your expense. If you want to make sure that your concerns don’t get lost due to the high volume of claims, hiring an insurance lawyer can help.

Your Claim Has Been Denied

Having all or part of your claim denied can be devastating. It leaves you on the hook for potentially very expensive repairs. The insurance company may use tactics such as exclusions for wear and tear or finding issues with self-made repairs to try to pay the home owner less.

If you’re worried about making a successful claim, get help early on in the process.