Important Steps for Palm Tree Trimming

Palm Trees in Australia
Photo Credit: Needpix

Usually, you do not need to trim or prune your palm trees. But, certain circumstances force yours for palm tree trimming and pruning. You should first determine whether your tree demands to prune or not. If you find any dead or dying tree branches, then it needs to be trimmed.

When you need to remove fruits and flowers, then trimming is required. Also, trimming is required to prevent the surrounding building from damage. You should never trim your palm tree for cosmetic purposes.

Here, in this article, we will discuss various steps that are involved in tree trimming process: 

  1. Choose Appropriate Tools

You should first collect all the required tools and equipment. There are various types of trimming tools and equipment that can help in palm tree trimming. You should first consider the size of the palm tree that needs to be trimmed.

After that, you should ensure that your tools are sterile and sharp. You should collect a serrated knife, large clippers, pruning sheers, handsaw, and chainsaw.

You should clean all the tools before you start using them. You must also have one climbing equipment because the palm tree is very large and it is possible to trim these trees by keeping your feet on the ground. 

  1. Hire A Professional 

The palm trees are very tall and large. Trimming a palm tree is not an easy task. Using big size equipment at height may lead to a major accident.

In case you are dealing with big size tree and you do not feel comfortable, then it is a good idea to hire an experienced professional who has skills, knowledge and right tools to deal with big size palm trees.

You can hire tree cutting Sydney service providers because they are experts in provide palm tree services. But, you should ensure that the tree service providers should not use gear that can damage trees like climbing spikes.

  1. Sterilize Tools

Before you start the trimming process, it is very important to sterilize your pruning tools. It is very important because infected tools can spread disease from one tree to another tress. Therefore, you should never start tree trimming and pruning unless you sterilize your tools and equipment.

  1. Set Up Your Ladder

You should set up your climbing gear properly. before setting up the climbing gear, it is important to ensure that you use the safe and secure climbing gear. You should also ensure that the tree you are going to trim is not leaned or bent too much.

Sometimes, excessively leaned and punctured trees are damaged by some climbing tools and equipment. If by mistake, the trunk of the tree is damaged, then it becomes impossible to heal the tree.

  1. Remove Dead Part Only

While trimming or pruning dead parts of the tree, you should ensure the only dead part will be removed. It is important because sometimes, removing health frond results in slow tree growth and spreading of diseases as well. Sometimes, removing the healthy part of the tree can result in the death of the palm tree.

The mature frond is always found below the present year’s growth. You should leave more than two mature fronds to resume optimum tree growth. You should search for dead and broken fronds. These fronds are usually found at the bottom of foliage.

You should use the pruning tool to get rid of broken fronds. Make sure you do not cut very close to the trunk as it can destroy your whole tree. You should remove green fronds only if they are leaning below the 90-degree angle.

You should never cut down the friends that are above the horizontal line. This may result in tree weakening. Always keep in mind that you should never cut down the top of the tree, then may lead to bad health of the tree. Sometimes, the tree dies as well.

  1. Take Out Loose Petioles From Fronds

You should put effort to remove the loose petiole from the fronds, To remove petiole, you do not need special tools or equipment. Your hands are enough for this process.

You just keep the petiole between your fingers and pull it out gently. If petiole fails to come out, then leave it, then find out another loose petiole.

  1. Trim Out Flowers And Fruits 

If you have flowering type species in your house, then you need to prune flowers and fruits as well. It is important because palm flowers and fruits drain out energy and nutrients from the tree.

This will make your tree susceptible to pest attack and infestation. This can pose risk to those people who are walking below the tree. You should immediately cut fruits, fruit stalks, and flowers as well.