Top 5 Types of Candle Boxes Your Brand Needs in 2020

Candle Boxes
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In every industry, packaging products is highly important. When you walk into a store, you simply cannot purchase an unpacked product. The same goes for candles. Candle boxes are important and used to pack elegant and beautiful candles. Candles are needed by people for various events. Some buy them for birthday parties, dinners, weddings, Christmas parties, and various other celebrations. Candles can also serve as decent gifts to present to loved ones.

As such, these candles deserve to have uniquely designed custom candle boxes. Many packaging companies out there provide these boxes at the most affordable rates. These boxes can vary in sizes. Some can be small, other big or medium in sixes. They can be colorful, and attractive. As a business specializing in candles, it best that you invest in custom made boxes to promote your sales. Give the boxes a unique, and eye-catching touch.

For better sales this year, here are five types of custom candle packaging your brand should use.

The Types of Custom Candle Boxes

Candles can remain preserves in well-designed packaging boxes. Keep in mind that every type plays an important role in candle packaging wholesale. For that, you need to know the top types available. These include:

1.      Pillow Candle Boxes

These are one of the best types of boxes available for candles. The credit goes to their shape, which is innovative. As the name suggests, the packaging appears in the shape of a pillow. It has a delicate shape and best for delicate candles. To give the custom candle packaging boxes a different look, you can have a die-cut window or a transparent display for the candles. This should help buyers have a better look at the candles inside. For the purpose of handing out gifts, these boxes are the best ones available.

2.      Cylindrical Custom Candle Boxes

This packaging style for candles is high in demand. This is because the boxes are eye-catching, and provide a good base for candles. Usually, companies like IMH Packaging and others make these out of Kraft paper, and other strong card stock materials. It’s easy to mold the boxes into any size. You can ask the packaging and printing company to add attractive designs on the boxes as well.

3.      Candle Boxes with Windows

These boxes come with candles, which is best for sellers and buyers. It allows buyers to see through the window, and sellers can spot their product easily. These candle packaging boxes are ideal and you can customize them according to your product. You can add colorful images on the boxes, which will ensure custom candle boxes wholesale stand out among various other on retail shelves.

4.      Kraft Candle Boxes

Kraft paper is the best material for candle boxes. This choice is eco-friendly, and affordable as well. These are available in an array of colors, sizes, shapes, and you can mold them into any shape. For gift purposes, these are ideal, and it is best to keep them simple. You may add a ribbon on top of the candle box or ask the packaging company to add some glitter or rhinestones on top. This option gives candles an elegant touch.

Display Boxes for Candles

These boxes are the common ones you will find on the front shelf in stores. They are attractive and make products stand out. They give a complete view of the candle design and ideal for candle packaging wholesale. They are luxurious choices, and cost-effective.

These are just a few styles available. Among the many options, always choose the right design that helps to display your candles properly. Consult packaging experts, and make a well-informed choice accordingly.