In the Dark Season 5: Release Date, Cast, Plot, and Everything We Know

In the Dark Season 5

Since its 2019 release, the criminal drama series “In the Dark” has garnered a lot of support from viewers. The show tells the tale of Murphy, a twenty-year-old blind woman living in Chicago who works as a crime solver with her roommate and guide dog. To the dismay of fans, the CW network did, however, confirm the show’s demise after four seasons.

Viewers are curious about Murphy and her pals’ whereabouts after “In the Dark” was canceled. The excitement surrounding a potential season 5 has only grown since the stunning season 4 series end. The reasons for the show’s discontinuation are still unknown, despite its widespread appeal. Fans nevertheless keep making predictions about the potential for the program to reappear on a different network or platform.

Series Overview

Concept and Development

The CW network hosted the 2019 premiere of the American criminal thriller television series In the Dark. The protagonist of the show is Murphy Mason, a young blind lady played by Perry Mattfeld who is sucked into the murder inquiry of her friend. The show featuring Corinne Kingsbury was produced by Red Hour Productions in collaboration with CBS Studios.

Previous Seasons Recap

As of September 5, 2023, the fourth season of the show will have concluded. In past seasons, Murphy managed her personal life and addictions while navigating through challenging cases with the help of her guide dog, Pretzel. The themes of the show are disability, addiction, friendship, and loyalty.

Main Characters and Cast

Perry Mattfeld as Murphy Mason, Casey Deidrick as Max Parish, Morgan Krantz as Felix Bell, Keston John as Darnell James, and Brooke Markham as Jess Damon comprise the core characters of In the Dark. There are performers with disabilities in the program, and the cast is varied. Perry Mattfeld’s portrayal of Murphy has garnered accolades from critics for its sincerity and depth.

Critical Reception

Critics have given In the Dark favorable reviews because of its compelling plot, superb acting, and realistic portrayal of disabilities. Rotten Tomatoes gives the show a 94% approval rating, while IMDb gives it a 7.5/10 rating. The show’s realistic portrayal of disabilities and its thoughtful examination of addiction and mental health issues have won accolades from critics.

To sum up, In the Dark is an engaging criminal drama that sensitively and authentically addresses difficult subjects. The show’s varied ensemble and representation of disabilities have received high appreciation from both critics and audiences. After four seasons, the program has proven to be a must-watch for lovers of crime dramas.

In the Dark Season 5 Specifics

In the Dark Season 5

Cancellation Reasons

The CW opted not to renew In the Dark Season 5, which disappointed many of the show’s fans. The network has not cited a particular explanation for the cancellation. However, some speculate that it could be because of low ratings. Despite the show’s popularity, the fourth season’s ratings were not as great as projected. The network may have opted to discontinue the show for financial reasons as well.

Narrative Closure

Season 4 of In the Dark concluded on a cliffhanger, leaving many fans wondering what will happen next. Unfortunately, the show’s termination means that fans will never know what the creators have in store for the following season. The showrunners have made no official pronouncements about how they intend to conclude the series.

Unresolved Storylines

Many storylines will remain unanswered as a result of the cancelation of In the Dark Season 5. Murphy’s future, her relationship with Josh, and the fate of other characters were all left unanswered by fans. Furthermore, in the fourth season, the show featured additional characters whose tales were left unfinished. Fans will be sad since they will never find out what happens to these characters.

Fan Reactions

Season 5 of In the Dark has been canceled, which has elicited varied emotions from fans of the show. While some are disappointed by the news, others are not. Many fans took to social media to express their dissatisfaction and urge that the show be renewed. However, the show’s termination means that viewers will have to find other shows to watch.

Overall, the cancelation of In the Dark Season 5 has left fans unhappy and furious. Because of the show’s success and the cliffhanger ending of the fourth season, fans expected a fifth season. The cancellation, however, means that the program will go unfinished, and fans will never know what the creators have in store for the next season.

Production Insights

Season 5 of “In the Dark” was produced collaboratively by the show’s producers and writers, Warner Bros., and Discovery. This part will go over the important players in the production, the filming sites, and the show’s budget and funding.

Producers and writers

Corinne Kingsbury, the show’s creator and executive producer, was in charge of directing the writing staff and ensuring that the show’s stories were consistent and compelling. The show’s writing crew was comprised of accomplished writers who brought their own viewpoints to the table. They collaborated extensively with the producers to ensure that the show fulfilled the network’s high expectations.

Filming Locations

The majority of the show was shot in and around Toronto, Canada. The show’s dark crime drama was set against the city’s rich architecture and landscapes. The production team also used a variety of indoor sets to create the show’s distinct mood.

Budget and Funding

Season 5 of “In the Dark” had a significant budget, reflecting the show’s popularity and critical acclaim. Warner Bros. and Discovery funded the show, with extra funds provided by the network. The budget mirrored the show’s excellent production values, brilliant cast, and staff, ensuring that the show maintained its high standards throughout the season.

Finally, the fifth season of “In the Dark” was a collaborative effort between the show’s producers and writers, Warner Bros., and Discovery. The show was mostly shot in Toronto, Canada, and the surrounding locations, on a large scale that matched the show’s popularity and critical praise. The writing staff collaborated extensively with the producers to ensure that the show fulfilled the network’s high expectations. The budget mirrored the show’s excellent production values, brilliant cast, and staff, ensuring that the show maintained its high standards throughout the season.

Cast and Characters

Returning Cast Members

Viewers may expect to see some familiar faces return in the fifth season of “In the Dark.” Murphy Mason, the show’s primary character, will be played again by Perry Mattfeld. The delicacy and intensity of Mattfeld’s portrayal of Murphy, a blind woman in her twenties who floats through life in a drunken haze, have been acclaimed.

Brooke Markham returns as Murphy’s sympathetic roommate and best friend, Jess Damon, and Keston John as Darnell James, a drug dealer with a convoluted history with Murphy.

New Additions

The ensemble cast of “In the Dark” will be expanded in Season 5. Max Silvestri, an actor and comedian, will play a character named Max. Silvestri’s credits include “Big Mouth” and “Brooklyn Nine-Nine.”

Character Development

The characters in “In the Dark” have evolved significantly during the course of the show, like with any long-running series. Viewers may expect to watch the characters continuing to grow and change in the following season.

Murphy, in particular, has gone a long way since the series’ inception. Her journey has been one of self-discovery and adjusting to life as a blind person. Murphy will continue to encounter hardships and make difficult decisions in season 5.

Overall, the cast and characters of “In the Dark” contribute significantly to the show’s appeal. Season 5 of this popular crime drama series is expected to be another fascinating chapter, thanks to a talented ensemble cast and well-developed characters.

Plot and themes

Central Conflict

Season 5 of In the Dark follows Murphy Mason, a blind woman who is also a hard-drinking and hard-living twentysomething. The season’s core conflict is around Murphy’s desire to find the killer of her best friend, Jess. Murphy discovers Jess’s lifeless body in an alley outside her apartment in the first episode, and she is determined to uncover the person guilty for Jess’s killing.

Murphy’s Journey

Murphy’s journey in the season is complicated, as she struggles with her own issues while attempting to solve Jess’s murder. Her quest takes her through many twists and turns as she finds dark secrets and startling revelations about the people in her life. Murphy is forced to confront her own flaws and weaknesses along the road, and she must learn to rely on those around her to help her get through the difficult moments.

Supporting Storylines

In addition to Murphy’s adventure, Season 5 of In the Dark includes a number of subsidiary tales that provide depth and complexity to the main plot. The continued investigation into Jess’s murder, the search for a missing individual, and the consequences from a major police corruption scandal are among the storylines.

Themes of vengeance, justice, and atonement are explored throughout the season as Murphy and the other characters try to come to grips with their own pasts and choices. The season also goes into the world of crime and police procedure, with plenty of action and intrigue to keep fans riveted.

Release and Distribution

Broadcast Schedule

The CW network has confirmed that In the Dark will not return for a fifth season. The show’s fourth season completed on September 5, 2022, with the finale airing on The CW. Despite fan requests, the network has decided to end the show, leaving the storyline unfinished after the fourth season finale. There is no official trailer or episode count as of yet, and the fate of Murphy, Jess, Felix, and the rest of the show’s primary cast members is unknown.

Streaming Availability

In the Dark is a show that has received a lot of traction on streaming services such as Netflix. The sitcom was originally made for the CW network, but Netflix purchased the streaming rights for a hefty sum. The streaming service has made all four seasons of the show available for global viewing. However, with the cancellation of the show, it is unknown how long the show will remain on the site.

In the Dark is currently available for watching on Netflix. On the platform, fans may watch all four seasons of the show. The show has garnered a lot of traction on the streaming site, and it is probable that it will be available for a long time. However, with the cancelation of the show, it is unknown how long the show will be available for streaming on Netflix.

Finally, In the Dark will not be renewed for a fifth season on the CW network. The show’s fourth season ended on September 5, 2022, and the fate of the show’s primary cast members is unknown. Fans may, however, watch all four seasons of the sitcom on Netflix. With the cancellation of the show, it is unknown how long the show will be available for streaming on the platform.

Fan Engagement

The program has a tiny but passionate fan base that has been vociferous in their support. Fans have taken to social media to express their affection for the show and to advocate for its revival.

Social Media Presence

With accounts on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, In the Dark maintains an active social media presence. The show’s official accounts offer updates and behind-the-scenes content on a regular basis, and fans have used these channels to engage with one another and with the actors and crew.

The social media accounts for the show have also been used to support viewer campaigns, such as the hashtags #RenewInTheDark and #SaveInTheDark. These ads were successful in raising awareness and support for the show, allowing it to remain on the air for four seasons.

Viewer Campaigns

Fans have created viewer campaigns in addition to social media campaigns to show their support for the show. Sending postcards and other physical goods to network officials, as well as organizing online petitions and letter-writing campaigns, have all been part of these initiatives.

While it is unclear how much these campaigns contributed to the show’s renewal, they did serve to keep the show in the public eye and demonstrate to network management that the show has a dedicated fan base.

Overall, fan participation has been critical to the success of In the Dark. While the show’s ratings have been falling, its passionate fan base has helped keep it on the air for four seasons.

Critical Analysis

Show’s Legacy

In the Dark is a critically praised crime drama that has developed a devoted following over the years. One of the show’s finest aspects is its legacy, since it has managed to maintain a steady level of quality throughout its four seasons. The series has received accolades for its well-written characters, captivating storyline, and great cast performances.

Despite its popularity, In the Dark is an undervalued series that has garnered far too little attention. The show’s distinct blend of drama, mystery, and levity distinguishes it from other crime dramas on television. The series has addressed sensitive themes such as disabilities, addiction, and mental health, which has piqued the interest of viewers.

Comparative Analysis

In the Dark stands out as a distinct and refreshing addition to The CW’s programming when compared to other shows on the network. In the Dark has received less attention and awareness than shows like Batwoman, Charmed, Dynasty, Legends of Tomorrow, and Legacies Season 5. However, the storytelling, character development, and storyline of In the Dark are on par with these shows.

In the Dark has continuously performed well in the ratings, with its fourth season averaging a 0.2 rating in the 18-49 demographic. This is analogous to other CW programs like Charmed and Legacies. However, In the Dark’s viewership has continuously been lower than that of these shows, which could be attributed to a lack of promotion and advertising.

Overall, the legacy and comparative study of In the Dark reveal that it is a good and well-written series that deserves more attention. Its distinct blend of drama, mystery, and humor distinguishes it from other crime dramas on television, and its handling of difficult issues has struck a chord with viewers.

Related Media and Spin-offs

Potential Spin-offs

The CW’s In the Dark has been a great show, and there is little doubt that the network would like to capitalize on its success. While no news of a spin-off has been released, there is a chance that the program will have one in the future.

One possible spin-off may focus on Murphy’s friend Jess, who has been a key character throughout the series. Jess is a multifaceted character with a rich past, and a spin-off may go deeper into her life and relationships.

Another possible spin-off may center on the lives of Murphy’s friend and confidant, Felix Bell. Felix is a bright and charismatic character, and a spin-off might delve deeper into his life as a private investigator.

In the Dark in Popular Culture

Since its debut, In the Dark has amassed a sizable fan base and has entered popular culture. The show has been mentioned in a number of films and television shows, and it has also inspired merchandising and fan art.

The 2022 film “The Unforgivable,” starring Sandra Bullock, has made reference to In the Dark. Bullock’s character in the film watches an episode of In the Dark and comments on the show’s riveting storyline.

In addition to movies, In the Dark has been mentioned in prominent television episodes such as “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” and “The Big Bang Theory.” The show has also generated items such as t-shirts and posters, as well as fan art depicting the characters and themes of the show.

Overall, In the Dark has become a cultural phenomenon, with repercussions seen in numerous kinds of media.


After four seasons, The CW’s murder drama In the Dark has come to an end. The final season of the show aired in the summer of 2022, and no season 5 was announced. The CW has declined to extend the criminal drama In the Dark for a fifth season, despite its small but devoted fan following. While no official cause was offered for the cancellation, falling ratings were a major factor.

The creators of the show had planned two endings for the series in case it was canceled after filming was completed. Rather than a cliffhanger finale, viewers were treated to a conclusion that wrapped everything up. The series finale gave narrative closure, bringing the drama to a satisfying end for fans.

The final episode of the CW crime thriller was contentious, but it was the appropriate way to wrap things up. It gave new meaning to the expression “a stab in the dark.” The series finale concluded the many characters’ stories and brought answers to the show’s puzzles.

Finally, In the Dark was an intriguing and underappreciated series that fans were surprised to binge-watch. Despite being canceled, the show brought narrative closure and a satisfying ending to the plot.