Some Methods to be Outstanding on Instagram


Make up a hashtag. You can quickly obtain a large number of followers if you can convince others to utilize a hashtag that you created. The most important thing is to provide a compelling rationale for people to use the hashtag in the first place. When a large number of individuals utilize it, the snowball should start rolling on its own. In my previous business, I made #poweraddict famous by choosing one of those who used the hashtag to be the “Power Addict of the Week.” We also created #strongerendcancer in Power Addict, with the intention of using the hashtag to raise funds for cancer research.

Use your hashtag to share photographs from individuals who have used it. If you wish to share people’s images, you can encourage them to use your hashtag. As a result, post photographs from the accounts that use your hashtag on a frequent basis.

Tell “behind the scenes” stories. Use tales to create “behind the scenes” content if you have a business or a brand. It’s a great format for this because stories don’t have to be as polished and neat as Instagram posts.

Allow a guest to comment. Allow others to take control of your Instagram account for a day. You can then drag their free Instagram followers to your profile as well. Use a micro influencer inside your field if you want to.

Compose a lengthy text. Instagram posts usually include relatively little text. Write a long text every now and then if you want to stand out. Because there are so few of them, it occasionally works beyond all expectations.

If you’ve attended an event, use the hashtag to ‘tag’ it on social media. This is a fantastic opportunity for the event’s Instagram profile to promote you.

Make a plan to achieve your objectives. Apply the tips above to establish an Instagram work schedule that you can stick to on a daily basis. If you don’t make a strategy, many of your good intentions will go nowhere.

Keep tabs on your development. Keep track of your progress using an Instagram analytics tool. A couple of them can be seen here.

Connect your Instagram account to the rest of your social media profiles. Connect your Instagram account to your Facebook page to make your profile more visible to your friends on Facebook.

Develop friendships with other Instagram users. Look for them using well-known hashtags and begin writing with them. They will undoubtedly assist you in reaching out to more individuals if you have a good relationship with them.

Repurpose content from other social media accounts. Making posters on a daily basis can be a major undertaking. As a result, it’s critical that you remember to reuse information from your other social media accounts. A good Facebook post can simply be transformed into an excellent Instagram post with a few tweaks.

Be efficient when it comes to content creation. Keep in mind that everything, with the exception of tales, can be easily mass-produced. So, while you’re still moving, shoot 20 pictures at a time. You won’t have to be creative every day, and you’ll always have content to share.