Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas Reveal their Daughter’s name

Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas Reveal their Daughter's name
Photo Credit: Cinema Express

This month, Priyanka Chopra and her husband, singer Nick Jonas, became parents to a baby girl thanks to surrogacy. Malti Marie Chopra Jonas is the name her birth certificate says she was named. Even though they haven’t officially named their daughter, TMZ has the birth certificate and says her name is Malti Marie Jonas.

Their child was born in a San Diego hospital just after 8 pm on January 15.

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While it is unclear why the couple chose the name Malti (which could be related to Priyanka’s mother’s name), the Sanksrit derivation of the term means small fragrant flower’ moonlight.’

On January 22, Nick and Priyanka announced the child’s birth in a post that stated, “We are pleased to confirm that we have welcomed a baby via surrogacy.” We humbly want privacy during this important time so that we can concentrate on our family. Thank you a lot.”

While conversing with her friend and chat show host Lilly Singh a while back, Priyanka spoke up about being a parent. “As a new parent right now, I constantly think that I will never be putting my ambitions, anxieties, and upbringing on to my child,” the actress stated, adding that she will never push her dreams and beliefs on her daughter. Children come through you, not from you, I’ve always believed. There is no belief that says, “This is my child, and I will influence everything.”