Is it important that parents and child sleep in separate bed?

Parents and child sleep in separate bed
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Make your child sleep next to you in a separate bed or bring them to the bed with you and your partner and let them share it with you.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) published a study in the October 1999 issue of the Archives of Pediatric and Adolescent Medicine that said that any child under the age of two should not sleep in an adult bed because it could be deadly.

However, parents aren’t sure that they should keep their kids out of their beds for safety reasons, even though they know the risks. Experts say that letting children sleep alone in a separate bed can help them get a good night’s sleep and improve their development. They also say that parents can enjoy their privacy and have a little alone time.

At Merlinwand (an online publishing platform for personalized books for kids), Sudarshan Vig says that “while a child relies on their parents for many things, like food, education and life skills,” sleeping in their own bed can help them start to feel “freed from dependence” at a young age. Another thing parents need to do is help their kids deal with their fears, which is why they sleep with their parents in the first place.

It’s important for kids to have a sense of independence and freedom right from the start, he said. In the long run, it helps lay the groundwork for the idea of “free will” and “thinking, deciding, and having your own opinions.” Co-founder Shruti Malani of Beddy by Century Mattress said that “70 percent of a newborn’s development happens while they are asleep, which means that the sleep surface and environment are very important.”

She told us why your baby needs a separate bed or mattress:

1) Doctor recommended-It’s important for a newborn’s spine and lumbar development that he or she sleeps on a hard surface. This is what pediatricians around the world (like the American Academy of Pediatrics) say. This is often very different from what parents want. They might want very soft, soft, or hard surfaces for their kids.

2) Hygienic-A mattress that has been used before has already been exposed to germs or infections that a new baby should stay away from.

3) Convenient and safe-The mother will be more comfortable and more convenient if there is a separate crib right next to her bed so she can sleep. It is also very safe and stops sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS).

4) Specialised mattresses-There are many different ways to make a “firm” surface for a newborn, but the best way is to use chemical-free materials that are certified and natural.

5) A good long term habit-Children and babies form strong bonds with their beds very quickly. As a long-term benefit, having your own cot helps your child associate sleep with its cot and help it sleep better on its own without your help.