The Rings of Power Season 2: Everything We Know So Far

the ring of power

The first season of The Rings of Power started when Galadriel, the leader of the North Elves, went all over Middle-earth looking for Sauron. She did this to prove that the enemy wasn’t dead and that there were still reasons to fight.

Soon, the series will show us the most powerful elf kingdom, Nmenor, the dwarves’ mines in Moria, what seem to be the hobbits’ ancestors, and the humans who lived in a land that was doomed to fall to the darkness. darkness.

Galadriel’s suspicions about Sauron were quickly confirmed, and she convinced the queen of Nmenor to fight with her to protect the world. While this was going on, a Harfoot named Nori found a giant that had fallen from the sky, and the dwarves found a mysterious mineral in its mines that would be the key to saving all the elves.

With one more episode, a lot happened in the first season, but that’s just the beginning, and it’s full of hints about what’s to come.

When will the The Rings of Power Season 2 start?

There is no official date for the second part’s release, but Collider says it will come out in 2023. This is because Amazon plans to release each season one year after the last, and they want to do 5 seasons.

All of this points to the battle where Isildur cuts off Sauron’s fingers and lets the ring change him as the end of the series.

The head of Amazon Studios, Vernon Sanders, told Collider: “I’m not sure if I can… If we could get Season 2 out within a year of Season 1, that would be great. It might take a little longer than that, but we’re doing everything we can and getting better and faster as we go. Certainly, the production and what we’ve learned in Season 1 have taught us things that we’re using in Season 2, and so far, we’ve set a goal for when we want that show to debut, and we’re on track and planning “.

If the plan works, the season could start as late as the end of 2023 or as early as the beginning of 2024. Sanders also said that they are already talking about season 3 and that they have a clear idea of what they want to do.

The Rings of Power Season 2 Characters

During the first part of The Rings of Power, several characters died, but we know for sure that Morfyyd Clark will return as Galadriel, Robert Aramayo will return as Elrond, Ismael Cruz Córdova will return as Arondir, Nazanin Boniadi and Charlie Vickers will return as Bronwyn and Halbrand, Markella Kanevagh will return as Nori, Tyroe Muhafadin will return as Theo,

Many of the first season’s characters, like the queen of Nmenor, Durin and Disa, Poppy and Adar, are expected to return for the second season. We’re also likely to see some new faces, but nothing has been said about them yet.

We can assume that Saruman and Gandalf will show up at some point, but that could be a long time from now, after Sauron and Mordor are well-established and the rings reach their owners, which means we’ll see the nine people who become the Nazgul.

The new actors

The Rings of Power season 2 will have 7 new actors. Amazon says the following about them.

Gabriel Akuwudike is a British-Nigerian actor who starred in the popular TV show Hanna (Prime Video). Ridley Road (BBC) and War of the Worlds (FX/Disney+) are two more TV shows he has worked on. He has also been in movies like Sam Mendes’s 1917 and Toby Hanyes’s HBO movie Brexit.

YASEN “ZATES” ATOUR: Yasen “Zates” Atour is best known for playing “Coen” on Season 2 of The Witcher (Netflix). He also plays “Reza Al-Rahman” on the Netflix show Young Wallander, where he is a regular cast member. He was the director of the movie Good Intentions and also starred in and helped make the movie When the Screaming Starts.

BEN DANIELS: Ben Daniels has had recurring roles on TV shows, such as “Walter Sampson” on Jupiter’s Legacy (Netflix), “Lord Snowdon” on The Crown (Netflix), “Father Marcus Keane” on The Exorcist (Hulu), “Adam Galloway” on House of Cards (Netflix), and “James Steel” on Law & Order: UK (ITV). In the movies Benediction, Captive State, Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, and The Exception, he played important roles. Ben is a stage actor who has won awards and been in many shows, such as The Normal Heart.

Sam Hazeldine has worked on shows like Peaky Blinders on BBC, Slow Horses on Apple TV+, The Huntsman: Winter’s War, Mechanic: Resurrection, and The Last Duel by Ridley Scott. He is currently starring in The Sandman (Netflix) and The Playlist (Netflix). He will also be in the upcoming Band of Brothers sequel Masters of the Air (AppleTV+) with Austin Butler and Callum Turner, and in Casanova’s dramatic feature film Beautiful Imperfection with Jonah Hauer-King and Dar Zuzovsky.

AMELIA KENWORTHY: Amelia Kenworthy went to the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts and got a degree there. During his time at RADA, he was in many stage productions, such as Spring Awakening (where he played Anna), A Midsummer Night’s Dream (where he played Puck/Snout), and Two Gentlemen of Verona (where he played Julia). He was also in the movies Pomona and Against, as well as the short film IRL. The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power will be her first show on TV.

Nia Towle was recently chosen to be in the Netflix movie Persuasion. Nia’s first play was Neil Gaiman’s The Ocean at the End of the Lane, which she performed at the National Theater and the Duke of York Theatre. Nia went to the Guildhall School of Drama and graduated in 2021. While she was there, she played parts in plays like “Yerma,” “A Streetcar Named Desire,” and “Medea.”

Nicholas Woodeson is a British actor who has worked on stage, screen, and TV for a long time. On TV, he has been in Silent Witness (BBC), Baptiste (BBC), The Honorable Woman (BBC), Poirot (ITV), and Rome (HBO/BBC). He has also been in movies like The Hustle, Paddington 2, The Danish Girl, Skyfall, and Conspiracy. His most recent stage roles were in “The Two Popes,” “The Duke of Norfolk” in “The Mirror and the Light,” “The Mayor” in “The Visit,” “Pope Francis” in “The Pope,” “Mr. Kidd” in “The Room,” and “Willy” in “Death of a Salesman.” Nicholas went to the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts and got a degree there.

What does The Rings of Power season 2 have to do with?

The first season showed how Mordor came to be and how humans and elves got closer together (at least between Halbrand, Galadriel, and Queen Mriel). All of this points to a big battle coming up.

We don’t know much more about The Stranger and the three mysterious people who are after him, but we do know that the rings will be made and given to their owners in the end.

Screen Rant says that the second season, which is almost over, will have an epic battle that will take place over two chapters. This battle will likely involve the army from Nmenor and the orcs, who want to take over the Southlands and kill everyone who lives there.

And if Annatar (Sauron) isn’t revealed in the first season, it’s likely to happen in the second season, which will lead to Celeborn using the Mithril to make the rings of power.