Jason Momoa New Haircut and How to Imitate them


We chose Jason Momoa’s four best hairstyles, which are definitely a lesson for men who want to grow their hair out.

We don’t want to generalize, but when we talk about how celebrities wear their hair, we usually show short styles. Now is the time for long hair, and Jason Momoa, who has worn long hair for almost 10 years, couldn’t be a better example. We don’t think it will be easy. Because of this, we’re going to show you a selection of his best looks and haircuts and also give you some tips on how to copy his style and take care of long hair.

Sauvage / Wild

We think it’s important to start with this collection of Jason Momoa new haircut, which have made him an icon. Aquaman’s main character went to Hollywood to encourage other men to have long hair as their first choice.

Tip to imitate: The key to a good long haircut is to wear it in a natural way. Styles that give the hair structure and form should be avoided. It is important that the hairdresser understands the texture and shape of the hair, but at the same time, the hair’s natural look must be respected and kept.

Rebel Mohican

Let’s take a quick look at how this haircut is put together. The sides are completely shaved, while the top is kept medium-length. What did Jason Momoa bring to the table? use the fact that the sides of his head are shaved to show off his tattoos. A well-thought-out bet on style.

This is one of our favorite looks for Jason Momoa new haircut that you can try to copy. The key to copying the Mohican cut is not in how it is done or how well it is done, but in how it is worn and how confidently it is worn. Even though it’s a look that stands out on its own, men who wear the Mohican must do so with full security and confidence.

A new style of formality

If you want to follow the strict rules of formality in how you look and what you wear, long hair is not the best choice for any event. But, as we said at the beginning, “strict codes,” fashion has changed, and this Jason Momoa haircut shows how he can look good in any situation.

Tip to imitate: If you want to wear your hair long, we think it’s important to start learning how to braid. If you still don’t know how to do them well, you can go to someone who does: your partner, the hairdresser, or anyone who says they can do a perfect braid.

The begining of everything

People who think it’s too much of a change to let their hair grow that long can try Jason Momoa new haircut instead. Having hair that is about shoulder length is more comfortable and easier to deal with. In fact, the actor did everything in this way. He started out with shorter hair and worked his way up to the blunt length he has now.

Tip to imitate: When styling medium-length hair, it’s always best to use a product that doesn’t hold it in place very well. This lets the hair’s natural volume shine through. We suggest the mousse, the sea salt spray, or, if that doesn’t work, a low-fixation pomade. Nearly forgot! In this case, the best way to shape your hair is with your fingers.