How much to Tip for Pizza Delivery?

Pizza Delivery

In case you want to enjoy pizza in the comfort of your home without having to step outside, most restaurants, cafes and eateries offer the services of delivery. You place your order and where to bring it over the phone, and then the restaurant sends your order through a delivery guy within a designated period of time. Most restaurants hire specific employees as their delivery guys as per the standards and requirements of the job.

An important part of the billing process is the tips. Just like you tip the waiter when you eat out at a restaurant, you ought to tip the delivery guy as well when you order home delivery from an eating place. Giving out tips is in no way or form an obligation, however, it is the common decency and courtesy. It is a way to show gratitude towards the specific employee who has served you.

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Reasons To Tip

You may be wondering that it is not an obligation and you have paid the full price for the meal along with the delivery fees as well, then why do you need to tip? There are certain reasons for the system of tipping being established and carried on.

  • The delivery guys often earn minimum wage as their salaries from the restaurants and have to struggle to make ends meet. The tips are essential and largely contribute to their living.
  • The delivery fee the restaurant charges you go entirely to the restaurant. No part of it is given out to the delivering employee. What the delivery guys get from the restaurant is only their minimum wage salaries.
  • It is common courtesy and establishes a mutual respect and compassion between the receiver and the delivering employee.

How Much to Tip?

At most places in the US, if the order to be delivered is worth $10 to $20, then it is customary to present the delivery driver with a tip of $3. If your meal order is worth more than $20, then the method of tipping should be to calculate a tip that is 10 to 15% of the price of your entire order. However, it should not be less than at least $5.

If you have a bad experience with your food like getting cold food or getting the wrong food items or flavours, you should still tip the delivery guy. The mishaps with food are generally the fault of the restaurant staff rather than the delivering employee. However, if the delivery employee is uncivilized or rude, you may cut down on the tip and complain to the restaurant.

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When to Tip Higher?

There are certain conditions or circumstances that warrant a higher tip as well. These include:

  • Deliveries made during bad or harsh weather like storms, rainfall, snow or heat waves.
  • If the house is more than five miles from the restaurant.
  • If the delivering employee is exceedingly courteous and respectful or arrived with the delivery ahead of time.