Tips to Get Rid of Motion Sickness During Journey

Motion sickness during journey
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People often complain about nausea and vomiting while travelling in a car or bus. Sometimes you have problems like dizziness, nervousness, nausea or vomiting, not just a few hours during the journey, but for three to four days, which is called motion sickness symptoms. If you are too afraid of travelling, you are vomiting during the trip. So, now you don’t need to panic about it at all. Because we’re telling you. These 5 steps are adopted to overcome the problem of vomiting on the journey. This will not make you vomit and you will be able to enjoy your journey immensely. So let’s know about these measures.

Why does the feeling of vomiting come during journey?

Motion Sickness Symptoms are used to vomit during the journey. Keep in mind that motion sickness is not a disease, but it is a condition when our brains get different signals from the inner ear, eye and skin. But if you go with a little caution, it is very easy to get rid of motion sickness. Take care of these things during the journey.

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Avoid back seats

If you have problems with vomiting during the journey, refrain from sitting in the back seat of any big vehicle. The feeling of speed on the back seat is more. Similarly, you sit in the front seat in the car.

Don’t read the book

Do not read the book at all when there is a problem of vomiting during the journey. This gives your mind the wrong message.

Fresh air

If you are having more problems, open the window glass of the car or bus. Getting fresh air will make you feel good.

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Don’t empty stomach travel

It is a misconception among people that empty stomachs will not vomit when travelling, but it is absolutely wrong. Often people go for a journey without eating which will cause more motion sickness. But that doesn’t mean you take a very heavy diet. Take a light and healthy diet from home.

Take these measures

Make some simple preparations before you leave the house when you have a Motion Sickness. These simple steps will help you overcome this problem.


Whenever you go for a journey, you must have a ripe lemon with you. Whenever your mind feels nausea, peel off the lemon immediately. This will refresh your mind and not even vomit.

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Roast and grind the cloves and keep them in a box. Take it along whenever you’re on a journey. If you feel like vomiting, take it with just a pinch of sugar or black salt and keep sucking.


Chewing basil leaves will not cause vomiting. Also add lemon and mint juice black salt to a bottle and drink it a little while on the journey.


Cut the lemon and sprinkle black pepper and black salt on it. This will heal your mind and will not come to vomit.

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