Here’s Why We Should Not Take Bath Daily in Winters

Daily winter shower
Photo Courtesy: Bangkok Post

Do you bathe daily in winter? Get ready to suffer serious losses. According to a research, winter shower can be very harmful for health in winter season. 

Winter is prevailing across the country these days. Some people are heating up the fire to avoid the cold wave, so some people are reluctant to bathe in winter Shower. People who do not take bath daily in winter also have to listen to others very badly. Some people make fun of some bizarre taunts. Now, in winter season, there is good news for those who don’t bathe. No one can hear the taunts on the bath.

Recent research has shown that daily bathing in winter can be detrimental to health. This news is nothing short of good news for people who do not bathe daily in winter. Find out what has come about winter shower in winter.

No daily bathing needed in winter

According to Dr. Ranella, a dermatologist in Boston (U.S.), there is no need for a daily bath in winter. He has the ability to cleanse himself in the skin. If you don’t sweat and you don’t get into the dust, soil, you don’t need to bathe daily in winter.

Daily bathing in winter leads to dry skin

Research has revealed that bathing with hot water daily in winter leads to dry skin. Bathing in warm water removes natural oils, which also causes skin bursts.

Good bacteria are removed from the body

According to research, our skin also produces some good bacteria that cause skin healthy Skin. Daily bathing also removes good bacteria from the body, which adversely affects your immune system.


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