9 Types of Intelligence That Will Make You Smart in Life

Types of Intelligence That Will Make You Smart

Being smart is a term that gets thrown around quite a bit, but what does it really mean? Are we smart because we can memorize a book or because we know how to play sports? If you want to know what makes you smart, here are 9 types of intelligence to choose from. Chances are one of them stands out for you.

1. Linguistic (Word Smart)

You know these people, they use words that you aren’t sure what the meanings are. You find yourself laughing, hoping that the word they said was something you were supposed to laugh about! Those who are smart with words have linguistic intelligence, and you can learn a lot from these people.

2. Logical (Number Smart)

The number smart people have brains that work like computers. They know how to calculate compute and are typically quite good with money. Being number smart takes a certain type of intelligence that can be entirely different than linguistic intelligence.

3. Kinesthetic (Body Smart)

Body-smart people are really good athletes; they have really good spatial awareness, and they know how to move and turn and react. Additionally, you can also read about- 6 Nutrition Tips for Athletes [You can Try]

4. Naturalist (Nature Smart)

The naturalist has a great connection with nature. You may walk around with a naturalist, and they know the names of different birds and animals. Naturalists tend to understand science and how the world interacts.

5. Visual (Picture Smart)

Visual intelligence is what you see from people who can design and put together beautiful art. Picture-smart people can also be photographers; they see angles and lighting that others can’t see.

6. Musical (Sound Smart)

Musical intelligent people are those who can sit at a piano and just start playing a tune. Others have to plan this out, take years of lessons, and never get past playing Twinkle Twinkle. Those who have musical intelligence often have an artistic type of brain.

7. Existential (Life Smart)

Those with existential intelligence know how to live life. They are smart about the things they say and do, and they make the right choices that help to better their life. Many people with existential intelligence live the life they want because of their intelligence.

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8. Interpersonal (People Smart)

Interpersonal intelligence means you know how to deal with people. With this type of intelligence, you know how people are feeling and how they will react, and because of that, you can help ensure that your responses to them are fine-tuned to their needs.

9. Intrapersonal (Self Smart)

Finally, we have intrapersonal intelligence; these are the people who know themselves. All people who are relatively smart will develop some intrapersonal intelligence at some point in their lives, but it does take time to develop. Young people with intrapersonal intelligence can succeed and move forward in life rather quickly.