Four Effective Tips to Make the Perfect Wardrobe Change

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Image by TEENA COBB from Pixabay

If there is a time of the year when we are more aware of the number of garments that we keep in our wardrobe, that is the change of season. The perfect time to wardrobe change is to make an exhaustive analysis of the clothes we have. Also, find what works for us and what we can get out of the closet, that will enhance home improvement.

Aware of this reflection, and anticipating the arrival of spring, we give you five tips for an effective wardrobe change with which to welcome the new season without this moment being a headache.

How to do a closet ‘detox’ effectively?

Give a second life to winter clothes that you have not worn enough. Although the objective is to have an orderly and effective wardrobe with a view to spring, it is worth analyzing what we have worn less during the winter months.

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Can we do without any garment?

To answer this question it is essential to reflect on how many times we have combined it. If the number is low, betting on giving the garment a second life may be an option. It is also advisable to review the spring garments before including them in our wardrobe. If the garment that we wore so much so many seasons ago, this no longer fits so much with our tastes or preferences, it may be an option or it is preferable to give it to another person to whom you like.

Professional Organizer Raffaella Tarassi gives the definitive tip:

Define 4 piles

Things to keep, things to donate/recycle, things to sell to other people who would be happy to extend the life of the item, and “may be”. Raffaella Tarassi always recommends to try on or consider all the “maybe” items at the end of each category when you have a clearer idea of ​​what you want to keep, she explains.

Sort the clothes according to your routines

No matter how much a change of season occurs. Surely you will need comfortable clothes to spend time at home or home improvement. The same happens, for example, with sportswear if we exercise regularly. Adapting the placement of the garments prioritizing the ones we use the most is one of the keys so that the wardrobe lasts much longer in order. It is essential to regularly analyze if our routines have changed and therefore we have the garments and accessories that fit our daily routines at hand.

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Organize clothing and accessories by type and color range

The wardrobe change is the time when we are most aware of what we have in the closet. A situation that would not occur if we had organized the garments by category. From jeans, to sweaters, and even t-shirts attached according to their typology — patterns, fabrics, shapes, and etc. In this way we are aware of the number of garments we have in each category. Another tip is to order clothes and accessories by color range. Thus, when looking for a garment that matches a specific outfit, it is easier to find the desired item.

Raffaella Tarassi comments:

“Take all the items in a category out of the closet, bring them to the same room and divide them into subcategories to facilitate the process. For example, group all the t-shirts, pants, jackets. And then divide them into subcategories: tank tops, short-sleeved shirts, and long-sleeved shirts.

What to do with the clothes you didn’t wear for long period?

There are applications where you can put clothes that are no longer used for sale.

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