Honda Forza 350, Premium of Champions

Honda Forza 350
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Honda Forza 300, a benchmark Premium scooter in the medium displacement, is renewed. It does so by releasing its name, becoming the Forza 350. We are facing a model of openwork and a technological reference of the Japanese firm that arrived in Europe in 2000 with a futuristic aesthetic and impeccable dynamism. 

Throughout these years it has evolved, as in 2004 when it received electronic fuel injection and space for two full-face helmets under the seat. In 2005 it introduced the ABS and in 2008 the combined ABS. In 2018 it made the leap with the arrival of Honda Forza 300 and now it goes further with the Euro5 engine and another series of novelties.

The main novelty of the Forza 350 is not seen. It is the motor. The engine grows from the 279cc of the previous model to the 330cc of the current one to increase its power by 16%, going from the 24.81 hp of its predecessor to the 29 hp of the current proposal. The new Forza 350 is not only Euro5 but also improves its performance. However, the maximum speed increases by 8 km / h to 137 km / h . Honda declares a consumption of only 3.4 liters per 100 kilometers and with a tank of 11.7 liters it offers remarkable autonomy.

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Honda Smartphone Voice Control

Now the electronically adjustable windshield screen can be adjusted up to 180 millimeters. The equipment highlights the smart key, which also unlocks the button to open the seat and the fuel tank cap. The same smart key is also linked to the Smart Top Box, the 45-liter capacity trunk. Under the seat we find space to store two full-face helmets, a chueco that can be divided to organize it to our liking, and it also has a USB power socket. As a novelty, the Forza 350 has the Honda Smartphone Voice Control, which connects the user’s smartphone with the scooter and allows managing calls and listening to music. Obviously you need to link with an intercom.

Forza 350 is Premium scooter

The Forza debuts emergency braking lights. When the ABS detects strong braking, it turns on the rear indicators. News aside, the Forza 350 continues to be a symphony of smoothness. This is a Premium scooter, really Premium because this term has been abused lately and all vehicles are ‘Premium’. From its aesthetics, to its components and finishes, this Honda exudes class, plays in another league. The Forza 250 was already doing it when it arrived in Europe. And it continues to do so. Everything is at hand on his rump. The instrument panel is easy to read and very complete. A user of 1.75 stands comfortably for maneuvering while standing still.

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Forza 350 is comfortable

Once underway, everything flows smoothly, from power delivery to braking. The Forza 350 is comfortable. The driving position is the most comfortable and we can carry the legs up or semi-stretched. Through the city it moves with ease and its benefits will allow us to travel on fast roads without problems. Yes indeed.

The rear suspension is a bit dry or too fast and hard, a familiar theme from previous versions and other scooters. All in all, the Forza 350 is more Premium than ever and is now available at a price of 5,950 euros.

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