What Subjects will be Covered in MA in International Business?

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Earning a master’s in international business is the shortest route to develop your career in a globally renowned business sector. This blog gives you a sneak peek into the key aspects from MA in an international business course. Read on.

  • Financial and management accounting

    This is a module designed for non-specialists that aim to introduce students to the core accounting and finance concepts and paradigms. You will gain the ability to critically evaluate a company’s performance by utilising publicly available information. You will also be able to determine systems and resources within organisations, which are essential in achieving strategic goals.

  • Global Strategy (analysis and practise)

    It provides students with the analytical tools required for the evaluation and comprehension of the level of achievable strategic success of a firm in comparison with their strategic objectives. This is appropriate for potential managers to add value to their organisations through the acquisition of management competencies. 

  • International Economics and Innovation

    The module aims at identifying how entrepreneurial initiatives at different levels (micro level, innovation networks at the middle level and innovation ortechnological policies and institutions at a macro level) interact among each other to shape the competitiveness as well as the development trajectory of the global economy. 

  • Managing across cultures

    The purpose of this module is to provide agood grounding of ways to lead, manage and develop people across national cultures. The course content is designed to examine the main theoretical frameworks and models related to motivation, communication, leadership, negotiation, multicultural teamwork and diversity in cross-cultural contexts. 

  • International Marketing

    In an interconnected economy forming the huge global market it is vital to develop an understanding of the elements of international marketing. This may include international environmental analysis, country selection and entry strategies. This section will provide a framework for students to analyse competitive advantage and international consumers, brands and marketing concoction in this context.

  • Foundations of Scholarship and research

    The module aims to provide students with a skill set that will support them through the process of studying for a master’s degree as well as in professional life after University. It will also equip students with the knowledge of research design and practical application of relevant business research protocols.

  • International Entrepreneurship

    The module teaches in details the operations withinthe international business that can have an influence on the global entrepreneurship firm. You will also get to know how entrepreneurs can conduct business in foreign markets.
  • Global Business and Sustainability

    This provides an appreciation of key factors on which international business decisions rely upon. You will get the chance to develop an understanding and appreciation of the variations in the international business environment. Furthermore, you would be able to distinguish the imperatives related to international trade and foreign direct investment. Additionally, you will gain an understanding of the principles of the internationalisation process and create necessary outcomes for business management.

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