What to Wear on a Romantic Date? The Best Looks for You

romantic date
Photo: Pixabay

Are you thinking of what to wear on a romantic date? Dating can be really rocky for a lot of men. And yes, there are reasons to be nervous. No matter the age, one always knows that these scenarios are like a continuous examination of our person; every false move, every word out of place and every wrong image will be used against us to say: “ciao, ciao, bambino”. However, we must not allow insecurity to take over us and make us stumble in such important events of our lives. If you are a male then you of course, read this article on what to wear on a romantic date. 

We’re also not going to give you MACHO MAN advice, telling you to feel unruly or acting dismissive, even suggesting that the person in front of you is the luckiest human being on the planet to date you. There is some vanity and a lot of self-esteem that we should not lose sight of when we have romantic dates , but that is one thing and another is being an arrogant or conceited guy who behaves as if he were doing his date a favor. Please don’t be that guy.

So, once all this has been clarified, we leave you with three outfits that are PER-FECT-TOS for your romantic dates and show that confidence is the pillar of all that sexyness that you carry.

Cool boy outfit (High-waisted pants with leather jacket)

We really like this look, because it gives prominence to dress pants in a color that expresses tranquility and elegance. Also, pairing it with a shirt and jacket of the same color but different shades makes for an extra sophisticated look. For some magical reason, tonal looks have that effect and this is more than advisable. Beware of the jacket, which can be made of leather — as in the photo, but you can also change it for a bomber. Beware of casual sneakers in white and without visible socks; another great hit.

What does actually make you look more handsome or confident? The middle ground between formal and casual always gives the feeling that you are VERY prepared for whatever comes your way. Also, the structure of the jacket and details such as sunglasses and subtle gold jewelry add extra security. So, try it.

Relaxed look with a suit (Suit with white shirt)

A men’s suit always flatters our figure and who has gone out with us. It makes us look important, but it also makes our date feel important . But you don’t want to dress up as a banker from the eighties, do you? The best thing is, then, that you choose to wear it without a belt, with a T-shirt instead of a traditional shirt , you take off your dress shoes to put on some classic Converse and you put some wayfarer on your face.

So, why does it make you look more confident? Once again, casual elegance is what we are looking for here so that you always look chill and very handsome . Pay attention to the texture of the suit and the color; the clearer and lighter, the higher the level of sophistication and confidence.

Downtown boy outfit (Straight Jeans with Harrington Jacket)

Now, for something more casual and urban, without this meaning losing the flow of the date or wearing shorts, take out your best straight jeans —a little lose fit is not bad—, a striped T-shirt, a Harrington-style jacket and White boots. If you don’t love this shoe idea, you can change them for classic brown ones or white tennis shoes. Of course, take great care of your cleanliness.

Why does it make you look more confident? First, because this type of jacket highlights the shape of your torso; from the line of the back to the silhouette of your waist. This and a good posture is guaranteed success. Second, because a crew neck shirt like this one always makes your chest look “in shape”, giving the impression of strength and confidence. Finally, straight jeans always give a firmer look to our legs. Beware of the tucked-in shirt and sunglasses.

There you have it. Three perfect looks for at least your first three romantic dates with that person. So, don’t need to think more about what to wear on a romantic date.