Why Headaches Occur and How to Get Rid of It

These are the reasons why headaches can be frequent, and also learn how to relieve headaches. Sometimes there may be a headache due to hunger or lack of water in the body. So identify the cause of a headache and also learn how to relieve it.

When it comes to the most common health problems, the number of headaches will probably be the first. This is because there is hardly anyone who has never had headaches. Most people sometimes have a head and there is nothing to do with it. But if a person has a daily headache, it is called Chronic Headache or Constant Headache and can continue for 15 consecutive days, 1 month or several times for 3 months.

The reasons why headaches occur are bellow:

1. If you have a cold or flu disease, there is a persistent headache. 

2. Stress and angzitic can also cause headaches if a person is under stress or feeling anxious because of anxiety.

3. Sometimes consuming too much alcohol also causes headaches and it persists for a long time. This is because alcohol does not result in sleep and fatigue, which is seen as a headache.

4. If there is an eye problem, there is a lot of emphasis on the eyes to see or read something, it also causes a headache.

5. Sometimes eating properly or prolonged hunger also causes headaches. This is because the blood sugar level of the body is reduced when it is hungry for a long time and this causes the head to become one.

6. Sometimes when there is a lack of water in the body (Dehydration), it also causes headaches. This is because when the body becomes dehydrated, the brain tissue also starts to lack water, causing the brain to shrink and headaches begin.

7. People who consume Painkiller more than 3 times a week also see frequent headache problems. This happens especially in people who suffer from migraine and have become too much dependent on medication to relieve pain.

-Keep in mind the reasons why your headache is triggered and try to avoid all such things. For some people to get a headache with a sharp perfume, someone has to eat something.

– Avoid consuming too much medication when there is a headache as dependence on the drug also causes frequent headaches.

– It is very important to have 7 to 8 hours of sleep every day. If your sleep is complete, the chances of a headache will be reduced anyway.

-Eat healthy food daily and don’t skip any miles. For e- to have lunch or breakfast directly with breakfast and then skip lunch and dinner directly. This may also trigger a headache.

– Avoid stress as far as possible, do not stress unnecessary things. Try to be positive in life and reduce stress from yoga and meditation.

-Too much coffee or caffeine intake can also cause headaches so don’t take too much caffeine.


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