World Mental Health Day 2020: Say Goodbye to Tension During Covid-19

World Mental Health Day 2020
Photo: Facebook/World Mental Health Day

Do you feel serious tension during the coronavirus situation? If your answer yes, then you surely should say goodbye to the growing tension on the World Mental Health Day 2020.

The widespread infection of the coronavirus has given rise to symptoms such as fear, anxiety uncertainty, and depression among all classes of people.

Widespread infection of coronavirus has given rise to symptoms such as fear, anxiety, uncertainty, and depression among all categories of people. Today, about 14 percent of people in our country suffer from some mental illness. Almost one in every 20 people suffer from depression in their lifetimes and one person commits suicide every 40 seconds in the world. Such individuals are at a higher risk of increasing the symptoms of the disease at this time.

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Infected persons who live in isolation. Such feelings can not only stress the person but also hamper his recovery somewhere. Today, on World Mental Health Day, we have a collective responsibility to ensure that we not only stay mentally healthy but also ensure full support and treatment of a person with mental illness. Remember, once you get out of this as a winner, you’ll be ready to contribute to society again as a Corona Warriors.

Dr. Akhilesh Jain, head of psychiatry at ESI Model Hospital, Government of India, said that such emotions have arisen.

The first and foremost reason responsible for these common psychological responses to our brains is that we assess the deadliest potential consequences of the disease by making unnecessary analysis of the information and information available to us that cause anxiety and fear. The second reason is to take a variety of advice from your friends and physicians with different expertise, while everyone has different experiences and treatment processes.

There may be confusion at times that can increase anxiety and nervousness. Another major problem while in isolation is no work or engagement. Not even able to talk face to face with anyone. If we are not accustomed to living like this, naturally we think more about this disease. As a result, our psychological pressure increases. Then there seems to be another major concern about how to protect your family while living under one roof and dealing with your everyday activities. Sometimes the guilt of becoming a victim of this disease and the fear of infecting others also further increase our fears and fears.

We can avoid these troubles by taking care of certain things.

1. Don’t get distracted when you feel anxiety or fear. In such circumstances, it is natural to have such feelings in the beginning. Try to keep yourself calm by explaining that the recovery rate in this disease is very good. It’s just a matter of time.

2. Never feel despised thinking that you have to be isolated. Isolation is not a punishment, but it is an opportunity to recuperate yourself and protect others from getting infected. Bring a sense of benevolence that you are saving others.

3. Avoid unnecessary multiple consultations simultaneously. Subject matter experts listen to the doctor’s advice and trust them. Consult someone else only when the situation is not improving or worsening despite all the efforts, even after taking cognizance of your doctor who is treating him.

4. A variety of household prescriptions are being shared on social media. Use your discretion before implementing them.

5. Remember when you had so much free time before now? Now you have time in abundance, so if your physical condition is favorable and the doctor is allowed, improve your routine and start the day with mild exercise, meditation, and breathing exercises.

6. Ensure adequate nutrition and fluid intake, even if you do not wish to eat. Nutrition is the most reliable resource in the fight against this infection, which is the biggest weapon in reducing infections by increasing your immune capacity.

7. Explore yourself. Feel free to do whatever you wish to do according to your health and available resources. Whatever you wanted to do, but couldn’t do it because of lack of time, it’s now an opportunity for you to create it. Dance, sing, write, read what you like.

8. Using social media at this time can be a boon or curse, depending on how you use it. Connect with friends, family, and loved ones, share your innovations, but don’t be impressed with the misleading information that’s in mind.

9. Relax enough in a short span of time as it will refresh you physically and will also make your mind feel positive.

10. Avoid smoking, alcohol, or any other drug abuse altogether. Intoxication worsens your situation.

11. Stay in constant touch with your family and keep them informed about your situation. Never hide your feelings, share everything with an open mind.

12. Do not remove unnecessary Pisces in the activities of your family as they may be equally concerned about you and your health at such times. Boost each other’s morale.

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Psychopaths need special care at such times

In times when the doctor’s advice is not received and health services are more attentive to COVID, patients are unable to take their medicines, which can lead to relapse. Because of their low ability to understand the thinking, they are unable to take care of preventive measures such as social dissing, masks, sanitization, nor recognize the symptoms of COVID. It is important to take care of the family’s medicine, contact the doctor through telephone or video call, keep a conversation with the patient and contact the doctor immediately if any changes in his behavior are noticed and keep the patient away from intoxication, etc.