Combat Anxiety and Stress with CBD Products

Stress And Anxiety
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Stress that goes out of hand results in anxiety. Anxiety is crippling and interferes with our quality of life. At least 1 in every 4 Americans has experienced an anxiety disorder at some point in their lives.  How does anxiety disorder feel like? A person often finds themselves feeling dreadful or unprepared accompanied by a stream of racing thoughts often.

Cannabidiol (CBD) is a compound produced from hemp flower buds and this type of product is being legalized to create products on the market. So this article will share with you how to relieve anxiety without causing ‘high’?

Treat anxiety with CBD:

CBD products work as a great supplement for treating anxiety apart from treating several physical conditions like pain, inflammation, etc. Since anxiety medications could lead to dependence some are choosing CBD to tackle stress. There are a number of ways to consume CBD including:

Edibles: The favorite way of using CBD for beginners is CBD gummies. The dosing is consistent with gummies and all you have to do is to pop a gummy when you are experiencing anxiety. Purchase a gummies jar from Just CBD store. They are one of the popular CBD brands and feature high-quality CBD products.

CBD vape: This is an ideal choice if you want to feel instant effects. You’ll start experiencing the changes seconds after vaping CBD oil but the effects last for a lesser duration when compared to the other CBD types. You can vape CBD oil before bed and also anytime during the day.

Oral CBD: There are CBD oils and oral sprays available. Sublingual CBD oils are taken under the tongue and exhibit prompt results since CBD is easily absorbed into the bloodstream this way. It can also be mixed with beverages. Those who don’t prefer vape or consuming CBD through edibles can try oral CBD products.

Why does CBD work for anxiety and weed doesn’t?

Using weed results in a temporary high. Weed users either experience a feeling of calm or behave paranoid and irrational. This unpredictability is due to the presence of the different cannabinoids in weed. High THC levels could trigger anxiety for many. CBD products have no THC in them or only low doses of CBD and deliver stable results. Aspen Green CBD is also very helpful for human body. If you want to read Aspen Green Review, you can search it on Google.

How does CBD treat anxiety?

  • Serotonin: One of the receptors in serotonin is found to be associated with anxiety disorders. CBD interacts with Serotonin and cuts down anxiety.
  • Endocannabinoid System (ECS): Chronic stress can cause an imbalance in the ECS and there is an overstimulation of CB1 receptors. CBD curbs the overstimulation of CB1 receptors and balances the receptor secretion.
Proof that CBD treats anxiety:

Humans were put in stressful situations. Mice were places along with a boa constrictor in a cage and were given low doses of CBD. The mice didn’t panic and were found to strategically locate places to run. Humans with an anxiety disorder and social anxiety disorder also experienced reduced performance anxiety during public speaking.

High levels of stress could lead to depression, weight gain, heart disease, headache, fatigue, muscular tension, digestive problems or weakened immune system. Generally, traditional treatments are followed to keep a person’s anxiety and stress in check. Combining other forms of treatments like CBD along with the traditional approach produces more effective results.

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