6 Social Media Automation Tools for Content Marketers

Social Media Accounts
Social Media Accounts

Social media has become an integral part of the present generation. Furthermore, the enormous impact of social media cannot be ignored. People all around the world use social media in one way or another. Some social media platforms include Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat. It is estimated that about 4.08 billion out of 7.61 billion people of the world’s population use the internet which shows how intensely its system branched has become. Here I’ll share some tools to automate your social media marketing and getting Instagram followers from sources so that it becomes fast and steady. So let’s start!

  1. Crowdfire.com

This homegrown social media managing tool originates from Mumbai. It is the perfect tool for people who are very time conscious. It allows you to save plenty of time by managing all your social media accounts from a single place. Its management skills will enable you to focus on what you are best at. Moreover, it schedules your post for you and automatically publishes it at a time that is the most favorable or you can choose the time too.

  1. Canva.com

If you are not a designer but still wish to make images for your social media content then Canva.com is the right place for you. It allows you to have access to readymade templates which include Facebook covers, flyers, banners, and even twitter headers. The only effort you have to put in is choosing the template and canvas will automatically provide the appropriate size to your image.
Social Media Automation Tools

  1. Clicktotweet.com

Twitter is used by 330 million people shows how much power the platform holds. You can definitely take advantage of the fact for gaining traffic and promoting your desired content. People these days are least bothered to put in the effort, even in things they are a bit interested in. Clicktotweet.com makes it easier for its users to select their desired content and make it extremely easy for them to share it afterward.

  1. Recurpost.com

Setting aside Buffer/Hootsuite, it is the perfect tool for scheduling and recycling content. The difference between Buffer/Hootsuite and Recurpost.com is that the latter is not a content categorization tool which collects contents into a library such as quotes, important links, etc. It also allows access to RSS Feeds and Google Alerts. While Buffer/Hootsuite possess these features. Buffer and Hootsuite are also used to schedule Instagram post. With sharing your posts on the right time, you also need to buy real Instagram likes to get more engagement and visibility.

  1. Wordswag.co

If you are someone who finds Canva tiresome or is a beginner, then Wordswag.co is the tool you need. Beautiful custom layouts are just a tap away. While in other cases it may take minutes or even hours.

  1. Pixabay.com

Pixabay.com can be considered to be one of the best social media tools for free stock pictures and videos. You can have a lot of features like copy, modify, distribute, and use the images, even for your commercial purpose. Another benefit you can get with all the mentioned features is that you are not restricted to giving credits to the artist. But, at the same time, your content should include trademarks, publicity, or even publicity or privacy rights.

Above were some of the tools to automate your social media. I hope this article helped you a lot.