7 Tips to Keep Heavy Equipment Secure While Moving

Boxes moving out office business relocation
Photo Credit: Pxfuel

Your business’ location is very important in determining the success or failure of your business. When the need for business relocation arises, you should immediately do it to avoid further destruction and hurt to your company and to your wallet. 

Business relocations can be done manually and personally by the owner and his/her staff, and they can also be done by professional movers if you hire them. If you choose to do it yourself, there are more things to keep in mind than when experts will work with you. 

One of the contributors to the biggest challenges when it comes to moving out are that heavy equipment like tablets, computers, cabinets and more! Aside from the fact that they occupy a lot of space and that they are weighty, these objects cannot be simply carried. They must be handled with care to keep them safe. 

To help you with this when it comes to moving your business to a new location, below is a list of 7 tips to keep that heavy equipment secure! 


Before you let your staff or ask people close to you to help you move your business’ heavy equipment, see to it that you can provide protective clothing for them to wear. That depends on the kinds of equipment they will be carrying. 

Hand them gloves, protective jackets and protective goggles if ever the equipment is somewhat hazardous or too heavy. In that way, the staff will also be able to bring them properly without hassle, thus, they can keep your equipment secure.  


Not only humans must be shielded but also the equipment themselves. Make sure you cover them using their own specific cloths or any soft material so that they will not be scratched or roughened by sharp or course tools they might get in contact with during transportation. In case they get bumped into walls or sides of the vehicles they are in, the impact will not be as huge as when they are exposed.

Using covers also prevents your equipment from getting stolen since they will not easily attract attention, especially for expensive 


Keenly organize cables of heavy equipment, especially those that can be or must be detached to be moved out. Do that to avoid broken or bent cables and wires, with cuts in the cables and with some inside portions already coming out. 

You can also avoid lost, misplaced or mismatching cables and equipment by arranging them well. Use cable wraps for better placement inboxes. Label them if you must, so you will not get confused which belongs to which when you are already going to set them up inside your new location.


If your heavy equipment is fragile or if they are parts that can easily get broken when squeezed or moved over rough grounds, make sure to wrap them for safety! Those portions that need to be assembled and attached on the heavy equipment but are somewhat weak when they are alone must be bubble wrapped or surrounded and filled with papers. You can use styrofoam to fasten them in boxes they are placed in. 


When heavy equipment is carried by one or more people, be certain it won’t drop to the ground, especially if it’s a sensitive appliance or if its material is not very tough at all. That’s why the right handling must be observed, one that goes with utmost concern to the business.


If the equipment is too hefty and hard for the bare hands, use a carrier cart or carts instead. These tools are made for the purpose of bringing things you cannot carry with just your hands from one place to another. You will not get tired and strained, the same with your workers.


To transfer heavy equipment, they are usually placed inside their containers like cartons and boxes. See to it that they are totally sealed with durable tapes and covers are fully closed. In that way, they will not come out and/or break if ever they get moved or if they slightly fall. 


All your business equipment is important to maintain the operation and productivity of work done. You are relocating your business because you want to make things better for your career. You will not be able to improve and succeed if your equipment will be ruined just because you were not careful enough during the process. Always bear in mind carefulness while those office/store equipment is being transported from one place to another.