8 Essential Tips for Buying a Laptop

Tips for Buying a Laptop

Storage space

Laptops now have hard drives with a very honourable capacity of up to 1 TB. Storage space is one of the most important factors you need to consider when buying a new laptop. For example, 1 TB is nice but for the average user is very excessive, the popular HP Elitebook laptop has a 256GB SSD card or higher which is more than enough storage for a work or general use laptop.

Tips for buying a laptop

Therefore, a hard drive that runs at 7200 rpm will be more efficient than a 5400 rpm one. Some computers now offer flash memory or SDRAM. Unlike the hard disk, this storage method does not use any mechanical element and, therefore, is less fragile. On the other hand, it is more expensive, does not yet offer a very large space (up to about 16 GB) and would have a limited duration of use.

Graphic card

This is a key element if you play video games or 3D animation, which are very demanding in this area. Feel free to use a high-performance graphics card because it becomes obsolete relatively quickly and cannot be changed in almost all cases (see the paragraph Update).
It is then recommended to provide a card with a minimum of 1 GB of dedicated RAM-video, combined with a sufficiently powerful graphics processor, or even choose the graphics card of your laptop.

Tips to buy a laptop

Otherwise, it may be interesting to have a TV output on your laptop, but the high performance of the graphics card may not be necessary. In addition, mini-laptops and some basic models only offer a graphic chipset (a chip integrated in the motherboard), more than enough for office automation or the Internet. To get regular thepcguides, you can follow them.

Connection technique

You have to try to consider all the uses that your machine is likely to make and see what will be needed in connectivity. Firewire, in particular, is increasingly used for its performance (much faster than USB in exchange for data).

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Similarly, you should not skimp on USB ports, which are always useful (remember to check that they are spaced enough to accommodate multiple devices). To watch your movies on a TV, also remember to check the HDMI connection. A multifunction card reader is also sometimes useful for transferring data from the camera or mobile phone.


There are laptops with screens between 7 and 20 inches. The screen size depends on the use you want to give the machine. A large screen will allow you to watch movies, work comfortably or play. On the other hand, the size and weight will be greater. On the contrary, a small screen of 12 ″ and less allows to have a very practical machine to transport.


As for the photos on paper, you have to choose between matt or glossy. The brilliance favors the viewing of videos with a rendering similar to that of a television. Mate is certainly less pleasing to the eye, but it is less sensitive to reflections. Again, the choice depends on its use.


It is 2 to 8 hours in office use. This is a key point in choosing a mobile phone. It’s good to know that the more efficient a battery is, the heavier it is. This must be taken into account if you need to transport your PC anywhere. Therefore, we can play with battery quality, but also with consumption. There are now low-power processors that allow machines to run for much longer with complete autonomy (CPU and U suffixes). Look carefully at the manufacturer’s data (knowing that they are often a bit optimistic).


This is undoubtedly the most important. Although everyone is familiar with Microsoft operating systems, more and more low-cost laptops are released under the Linux distribution to save on Windows licenses. The Linux system is quite simple to use, but still, if this is your first trip outside of Microsoft, you need to have time to adapt. Similarly, not all applications are compatible with Linux, even if equivalent software is available.

Noise and heat

These settings are often forgotten when choosing a laptop. However, in their use, they often turn out to be very important in terms of ease of use. Computers get hot and for that they are ventilated. Sometimes the ventilation can be very loud. Similarly, some machines may get hotter than others. Checking these parameters before buying is often difficult, especially if you place your order online. However, it can be said that the higher the range, the less important these problems are.

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