Find Inner Peace and Balance Through Meditation

Inner Peace and Balance
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The hectic pace of everyday life takes its toll. You haven’t had a good rest, struggle with your nervousness, and feel constantly stressed. Your thoughts are in your head all day long. Even at night, you don’t sleep properly because you think about everyday things again. How can you find your inner peace and balance again?

It seems normal that we don’t have time and that we are constantly under stress. Even when we get home from work, there is no real free time. Because leisure stress now also needs to be fed. Your calendar is full of appointments and there are no free resources for yourself. But if you want to find your inner peace and balance, you should create space for yourself. And take time for yourself. This is the only way to clear your head from constant thoughts and the feeling of constant stress.

But such a free time window should also be used well. There’s no point if you just go around in circles in your free time. Or maybe yes? Then combine walking with walking meditation! It is the simplest variant, even for people who believe they cannot meditate. Take your time and go outside, into the forest or on a beautiful promenade. In walking meditation, you concentrate exclusively on your steps. What movements are you doing How does the floor feel? Making such observations is at the heart of walking meditation. And everyone can do that! The longer you walk, the calmer you become. In your movements, but also in your head.

And if you sleep poorly, you can do a silent meditation in bed in the evening. Certain breathing techniques can be used to accompany such meditation. They not only calm the mind but also the body. But first you have to find out which meditation is best for you.

The passive meditation

The point here is not to do anything or to think anything. Your attention is constantly drawn into nothingness. Thoughts that arise in between are ignored. The absolute silence should have a beneficial effect in this meditaton in order to induce thoughtlessness. This technique is performed while sitting or lying down.

Mindfulness meditation

In this meditation you observe yourself. What do you feel in this moment and where do you feel it? It is only about making statements and not evaluating them. You notice something without evaluating it. Your hand is cold? Okay, then it sticks with this statement, you devote yourself to another perception. This method is said to be good to feel a connection with nature and to regulate the ego.

Meditation with concentration

This form of meditation requires your attention and concentration. It is one of the classics. This also includes meditation, in which you look deeply into a candle flame. When your mind wanders, stay focused and return your attention to the candle flame. This method can give you a deep spiritual inner peace.

The meditative body scan

In this method, the meditation is done lying down. You feel your way into every part of the body piece by piece. The perceptions you feel are simply accepted without evaluation. How does your toe feel or your foot? Does it tingle anywhere on your body? The body scan is also intended to induce deep relaxation.

Thought economy

This small selection of meditation techniques is well suited to find inner peace and awaken new strength. Anyone who still has problems getting rid of annoying thoughts can use another method. It’s a form of mind control. Any thought that demands attention but is theoretically unimportant is left behind. This is especially true for thoughts that include a question like: Am I relaxed enough now? Such questions are not answered. When you do that, a thought cycle arises and this brings you out of meditation again.

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Basically, we should analyze how many thoughts we have that lead to nothing. They go around in circles and lead to no answer. When you find this, let go of them as they are only tormenting you and are ineffective. Sometimes things take their time until they change or a solution is in sight. Only then is it possible to formulate a concrete answer to these mental questions. As long as that is not possible, the thoughts are superfluous and only stress you.

Fixed rules

So that you can better control your thoughts, it is important that you make rules. Such could be: When I go to bed, I no longer think about everyday worries! Instead, you can imagine beautiful, relaxing scenes for falling asleep. This could be a place that you enjoy being and that gives you peace.

This can also apply to your free time. Of course, you can talk to your partner about the day in the office. Even about the things that weren’t so nice. But set yourself a fixed time frame for this – after that you will no longer talk about these topics. This ensures that you don’t spend the whole evening with the anger in the office and take those thoughts with you to sleep.

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