Best Amber Midthunder Movies and TV Series

Amber Midthunder

Amber Midthunder will be one of the most popular actors in 2022 because she was in Prey, the new Predator movie that turned out to be one of the best Amber Midthunder movies of the year. This will give her the chance to play other great roles.

Even though the young woman has been working for a long time, she kept getting small roles for a while. However, her work in TV shows has led to roles in big-budget movies where she has shown her talent and fighting skills, like in Prey. Here are the best Amber Midthunder movies has done by her that you must see:

Prey (2022)

Prey is the first time the actress has been the main character in a movie, and it shows that she can carry it on her own. Here, she plays Naru, a young warrior who wants to become her tribe’s hunter. Naru is part of her Ella Comanche heritage. But the Predator, one of the most famous bad guys in Amber Midthunder movies, will be her first big test.

A culturally important piece of work that has everything we’ve come to expect from the series and more and was definitely a turning point for the young actress.

The Ice Road (2021)

Even though it wasn’t as well received by critics, it’s still worth seeing for the performances of Liam Neeson, Laurence Fishburne, and Amber Midthunder, who plays Tantoo, a young woman who is recruited by a veteran trucker who decides to go help 26 miners who are stuck after an explosion. She keeps a big secret from everyone, which puts her life in danger.

It’s a simple Netflix movie you can watch on a Sunday afternoon.

Priceless (2016)

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Another one of Midthunder’s first leading roles. It’s a Christian movie, but it’s based on a true story, so not everyone will like it. In the story, a man’s life changes when he gets a job as a truck driver and finds out that he is part of a network that sells people. The young woman in the truck is played by the actress.


Amber Midthunder’s work on TV shows has been praised by critics, and some of them have given her a chance to show off her physical action skills.


The FX show Legion is based on Marvel comics (not part of the MCU). Here, we follow David Haller, a young man with incredible psychic powers who also has a mental illness and a monster living in his mind. A group of people try to help him figure out how to use his power and protect himself from other dangers.

Midthunder plays Kerry Loudermilk, a mutant warrior who is part of a scientist named Cary Loudermilk. If you find that hard to understand, you should watch the series.

Roswell, New Mexico

This sci-fi show is like a spiritual sequel to the 1999 show Roswell. It’s about a girl who finds out that the boy she likes is an alien who has kept his powers a secret his whole life because he knows his life would be in danger if anyone found out who he is.

Midthunder has a recurring role in the first season, but from the second season on, she is a full-time member of the cast.

Long Gone Gulch

Tara Billinger made this animated fantasy and western adventure show for people who are not so young. In the story, two sheriffs disappoint the town’s mayor, so they decide to fight for what’s important to them while going up against a bunch of strange people.

Midthunder voices a Native American bounty hunter who likes to irritate the main characters.