Is Russian Doll Season 3 Coming Back or Not? [With Updates in 2023]

Russian Doll Season 3
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We hope that time truly is a circle and that Russian Doll season 3 arrives soon. Netflix has not yet renewed the time-traveling comedy drama. And it better not be one of the countless Netflix shows canceled.
In Russian Doll, a game designer named Nadia repeatedly has the same talks with the same acquaintances during her 36th birthday party. If Nadia dies during the event, she restarts from the beginning. Nadia discovers that Alan, played by Charlie Barnett, is likewise trapped in a time loop. While she tries to figure out what is wrong with her. They collaborate to figure out how they’re connected and if they can help each other escape.
Nadia and Charlie go across time again in season 2, which takes place a few years later. They are transported back in time via a subway car portal. For Nadia, it’s an opportunity to make amends for what others have done wrong. But she quickly discovers that tampering with time can have disastrous consequences that can change the entire universe.
Here’s all we know about Russian Doll season 3 so far.

Will there be a Russian Doll Season 3?

We don’t know for sure. The first season of Russian Doll may have been a stand-alone limited series. But then Season 2 was revealed, and Season 2 turned out to be quite good. If the program can maintain its pleasantly psychedelic quality while telling a compelling plot. And themes that cause us to examine the same aspects of ourselves as Nadia does. So why not? Season 2 concludes in a way that stands on its own. Even if there isn’t a Russian Doll season 3, we can feel good about Nadia, Alan, Maxine, and Lizzy. We won’t mind spending more time with these characters, though.
Back in 2019, which feels like a hundred years ago to us and is most likely to the people who make Russian Doll. Lyonne told The Hollywood movie Reporter that she is open to alternative possibilities. Her intention was to have the run for Russian Doll season 3.

Russian Doll Season 3 Plot

Because the Russian Doll’s destiny is unknown, it’s difficult to predict what will happen in the plot. Neither Lyonne nor Headland have commented on what might happen in Russian Doll season 3.
One thing we can (almost) be certain of is that time will be screwed up in some fashion. Season 1 focused on the time loop, whereas Season 2 focused on going back in time. Russian Doll season 3 may take place in the future.
That might also fit with the show’s overall theme. Nadia and Alan discovered more about themselves in Season 1. They had to deal with their mothers and grandmothers in Season 2. Russian Doll season 3 may bring the story full circle by sending them on a journey with their children or grandchildren.
Many fans are hoping that other storylines will be wrapped up. What, for example, is the situation with Horse, the homeless man? He has played a key role in both seasons. Who is he, and what does he have to do with the time changes?
Alan’s love life is another unfinished business. He had a difficult breakup with Beatrice in season one. He fell in love with Lenny, who was in the body of his grandmother in East Berlin in 1962, in the second season. Will he find true love in the present?

Russian Doll Season 3 Netflix Renewal Status

There were no plans for a Russian Doll season 3 at the time this article was created. But consider how the show only recently returned to Netflix after being absent for three years. It’s easy to see why the streaming provider hasn’t already promised additional seasons.
We don’t know how popular the second season of Russian Doll is yet because Netflix’s streaming top ten lists haven’t been updated. In the coming weeks, we’ll learn more about how Russian Doll’s second season is performing on Netflix.

Russian Doll Season 3 Predicted Release Date

Russian Doll Season 3
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Despite the fact that it is normally easy to predict when something will be released based on how long it took to manufacture in the past. The Covid pandemic has made determining the release date of Russian Doll season 2 more difficult. Russian Doll season 3 is expected to premiere in the middle or end of 2023, based on what was planned for season 2. However, we will not know when the show will return. Until we know for certain that Russian Doll has been renewed for a third season.

Is there a Russian Doll Season 3 Trailer?

Certainly not! The show has not yet been renewed for a third season. So, unless you locate a time machine, you’re unlikely to see a trailer for it anytime soon.
Seasons 1 and 2 of Russian Doll are available on Netflix. To find out what’s on tonight, check out our other Drama articles or our TV Guide.
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Who Would be in the Cast?

Without Nadia, the Russian Doll would not be the same. Natasha Lyonne, who co-created, writes, and occasionally directs the show, will undoubtedly return. Alan is also a significant character in the show. He’s Nadia’s yin to her yang. So Charlie Barnett would also be returning. Greta Lee’s Maxine and Rebecca Henderson’s Lizzy are other significant characters in the show. So they should be returning in some form.
Beyond that, it’s difficult to say. Ruth was played successfully by both Elizabeth Ashley and Annie Murphy, but she died by the conclusion of Season 2. So, unless the Russian Doll manipulates time further (which it could! ), that could be the end of that character. We may not see as much of Chlo Sevigny as Nadia’s late mother as we did in Season 2. However, we may see her again in a flashback. And, considering Chez’s storyline in Season 2, it’s unlikely we’ll see him again. But Sharlto Copley is such a joy to behold on screen that we feel compelled to call out his name and even press a few buttons in order to see more of him in the future.

What to Expect from the Russian Doll Season 3?

“Russian Doll Season 2 Spoilers Ahead!”
Nadia and Alan were trapped in a loop of pain, death, and sorrow in the first season of Russian Doll, but they were able to save each other by working together.
Nadia and Alan were able to learn about their moms’ lives and view the past through their mothers’ eyes in the second season. In Nadia’s case, her grandma did as well. Nadia tried everything she could to modify the past so that her family’s future would be better, but the world was cruel, and any modifications she attempted only made what was destined to happen more likely. Nadia almost messed up space and time by bringing her baby self to the future. However, Ruth’s death and Alan’s assistance helped her deal with her family’s past and the death of a friend.
Russian Doll season 3 should take a glimpse into the future. Nadia and Alan’s future could be ruined in a matter of days, weeks, months, or even years. As a result, they must strive tirelessly to prevent calamities from occurring. But, because time is so unpredictable and unstable, whatever alterations they try to make will inevitably backfire.

What Could Happen if the Russian Doll Returns?

There have been no signs as to what will happen in Russian Doll season 3, but as fans of the show, we can speculate on how the final chapter of the trilogy will unfold.
Most significantly, we hope it will eventually reveal the identity of Horse. The horse is the weird homeless man Nadia has encountered countless times in the past while traveling through time. The season 2 finale implied that he might even be involved in making things happen, although we don’t know what his actual involvement is for the time being (check out more of our Horse theories).
Also, after a horrible first season split and a lost love in the second, it could be great to see Alan finally find a loving partner in a possible Russian Doll season 3, especially if it is meant to be the final one.

When Could the Third Season of Russian Doll be on Netflix?

The second season of Russian Doll was not released for another 38 months. If Russian Doll season 3 follows the same pattern, fans will have to wait until June 2025 to see the time-traveling thriller return.
Between the release of Season 1 and Season 2, there was a global epidemic that halted all productions worldwide.
Any rumored release dates are only educated guesses until Netflix confirms Russian Doll’s renewal and production dates are set.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Russian Doll Season 3

Will there be Russian Doll Season 3?

“Russian Doll,” an Emmy-winning show that premiered in 2019. It will return with a fresh season next week. Natasha Lyonne, who plays the main character Nadia, believes that the show’s dark sense of comedy would be appreciated after two years.

Why is the show called Russian Doll?

The name “Russian Doll” is important to Nadia’s journey in both seasons. A matryoshka doll is another name for a Russian doll. Typically, it is a Russian trinket consisting of a wooden doll that can be opened to reveal smaller and smaller dolls. The more dolls you open, the more doll shells you find inside until you reach the last, smallest doll.

Is Russian Doll based on a true story?

“Russian Doll” isn’t simply based on history; it’s also inspired by Natasha Lyonne, the showrunner and star of season 2.

Did Natasha Lyonne create Russian Doll?

Russian Doll is a Netflix comedy-drama series that premiered on February 1, 2019. Natasha Lyonne, Leslye Headland, and Amy Poehler created it.

How old is Natasha Lyonne?

43 years (April 4, 1979)

What was wrong with Nadia’s mom in Russian Doll?

Personality. Lenora is strange, and she appears to have a mental illness that causes her to act impulsively and become angry. Lenora adores Nadia, and it appears that she committed herself because she lost custody of Nadia.

What do Russian dolls symbolize?

The Russian Matryoshka doll, also known as a nesting doll, is possibly the world’s most well-known icon of Russia. People in Russia believe that the doll embodies traditional Russian values. Respect for the elderly, extended family unity, fertility, plenty, and the search for truth and meaning are examples.

What is the Russian Doll based on?

Based on a long-imagined character created by Lyonne. Nadia is a hard-partying alternate-reality version of herself. The series explores life and death, kindness and regret, memories, spirits, family, and her beloved New York City.
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