Which Apple Watch and Strap is Right for You? – Guide for Girls

Apple Watch Strap

Are you searching for Apple Watch Straps online for girls? Are you confused about which Apple watch to buy? Which Apple Watch is best for you? Girls, you are at the right door. We know ladies, which Apple watch you should consider buying. This guide will help you choose the trendiest Apple watch to stay tuned!

Apple Watch has launched a new Apple Watch Series 7, alongside Series 3 and SE. After the success of previous watches, Apple is all set with new strap watches. Series 1, 2, 4, and 5 are no longer available. Luckily, all straps are compatible across every generation.

Apple watches pair well with Apple smartphones. The only confusion is which version is the best? Apple has released the Apple Watch Series 7. It has continued selling Apple watch SE and Series 3 watches. They may boot Series 6. They are quite similar. Let us unbox the details:

Apple Watch Series 7:

Price: 41,990 INR


Size: 41mm and 45mm

Model: GPS only, GPS and Cellular

Material: Aluminum, Stainless Steel

Colors: Three Stainless Steel, Five Aluminum

Straps: Leather Hoop, Solo Loop, Braided Loop, Modern Buckle, Sports Band, Sports Loop, Milanese Loop, and Leather Link

There are many similarities between Series 3 and Series 7 of Apple watches. They are both waterproof and come with GPS. It features an S7 processor, a W3 wireless chipset, a digital crown with an electrical sensor, and a bolder design.

It comes in two different sizes 41mm and 45mm respectively. It offers an Always-on Display, an altimeter, compass, and blood oxygen sensor with a U1 chip. The collection consists of 23 standard models, excluding Hermes, Nike, and Watch Edition models.

The aluminum models are out in 5 colors- Green, Blue, Starlight, Midnight, and Red which are either a Leather Link, Solo Loop, Braided Loop, Sports Band, or Sports Loop. The aluminum models come in GPS and GPS and Cellular connectivity options.

The stainless steel model is a bit expensive than the aluminum model. They are available in graphite, silver, and gold colors with Solo Loop, Braided Loop, Sports Loop, Leather, or Stainless Steel bands. You can pick any according to your choice.

The Leather strap options are made of Leather Link, Modern Buckle, and Leather Loop styles, while Stainless steel is in Link Bracelet and Milanese loop variants. Leather Loops are only available in 45mm watches, and Modern Buckle is in 41mm only. Stainless steel model comes with GPS and Cellular modes with no GPS only models. You can buy apple watch straps additionally to create your perfect watch as you like.

Apple Watch SE:

Price: 29,990 INR


 Size: 40mm and 44mm

Model: GPS only, GPS and Cellular

Material: Aluminum

Colors: Three Colors in Aluminum

Straps: Solo Loop, Braided Loop, Sports Band, Sports Loop.

The Apple SE watch sits somewhere between Apple Series S3 and S7. The Series S6 has the same design, but it has a larger display. In addition to waterproofing, GPS, Always-on Altimeter, compass, and fall detection, Series S3 also has similar features. There is no always-on display, bold oxygen meter, or heart rate sensor. Series 7’s features are long overdue.

It has an S5 processor with a W2 chipset. It comes in GPS, GPS, and Cellular models, and there are Nike options too. It is only available in stainless steel and has no leather belts options. However, you can upgrade the watch by buying apple watch straps separately.

Apple Watch S3 Series:

 Price: 20,990 INR


Size: 38mm and 42mm

Model: GPS only

Material: Aluminum

Colors: Silver and Space Grey

Straps: Sports Band

S3 Series Apple Watches have a W2 wireless chipset, S3 processor, GPS, water-resistant body, and barometric altimeter. The W2 chip allows Siri to work on a watch only by passing it through your iPhone.

It is available in two standard models, and both have an aluminum casing. There are two colors- silver and space grey with a sports band. There are GPS-only models.

Apple Watch Nike:

 Price: 29,990 INR Starting price


Size: 40mm, 41mm, 44mm and 45mm

Model: GPS only, GPS and Cellular

Material: Aluminum body

Colors: Silver and Space Grey

Straps: Nike Sports Band, Nike Sports Loop

If you love brands, then you can go for Apple Watch Nike. It is one of the unique edition ranges available in both the SE and S7 models.

The Series 7 Nike edition has the same features as Series 7 watches. They have the latest processor, altimeter, waterproofing, blood oxygen sensor, U1 chip, heart sensor, a built-in compass, and an Always-on display.

The Apple SE Nike watch has the same hardware as SE. The only difference between Nike and Standard Apple watches is the Nike straps- Nike Sports Band and Nike Sports Loop. For those who love brands and are ready to spend, special edition watches are a great choice. They make you stand out from the crowd.

Apple Watch Hermes:

 Price: 97,000 INR approx.


Size: 41mm and 45mm

Model: GPS and Cellular only

Material: Stainless Steel

Colors: Silver and Space Grey

Straps: Hermes Leather Strap

The Apple Hermes watch is the most expensive since it is a collaboration with the Parisian fashion brand, Hermes. This collaboration was first seen in the Apple watch in 2015, but now it is only available in Series 7 watches.

The Apple Watch Hermes has a label Hermes watch design, handmade leather straps by the Hermes brand. It is available in two sizes 41mm and 45mm with GPS and Cellular connectivity options.

It has 15 Apple watch Hermes models available on site. These models include Jumping single tour strap, Standard Single Tour Strap, and Attelage Double Tour Strap.

The Best Apple Watch and Straps:

There are many Apple watch straps available online. If we do little mathematics, the Apple Series 3, 38mm is the cheapest. You only miss an ampler display, oxygen meter, heart sensor, always-on display, and built-in compass.

If you are okay with an aluminum band or stainless steel body, the Apple SE GPS-only model is a bit expensive than Series 3 but cheaper than Series 7. Here you have three color options and a giant display.

Additionally, you get an improved processor, built-in compass, and always-on altimeter. This way, you smartly invest your money.

The best option is to get Apple Watch Series S7 45mm Aluminum with Milanese Loop strap. You save money on the aluminum body, and you can invest the remaining amount on getting a Solo Loop, Braided Solo Loop, Sports Loop, or a Sports Band.

It is better to go with the latest variants as they are upgraded and have a smarter look. You can save money by buying an aluminum casing than stainless steel as it is costly. This way, you get a newer version, and you save money. We girls like to change straps of watches according to our outfits, so just buy Apple watch straps and flaunt the way you are!