Top 7 Myths Surrounding Cannabis that are Hoax

Myths Surrounding Cannabis

If something isn’t traditionally right for society, it doesn’t take long before people are making up myths and misconceptions surrounding it. The same applies to weed or cannabis. While it is true that many smokers misuse and abuse weed, it is also true that weed doesn’t deserve the negative name it has in the market. If you buy weed online in Canada, you must keep an eye out for the unnecessary myths and misconceptions. 

This article will highlight some of the most common myths and misconceptions that many first-time smokers and outsiders don’t know about cannabis in depth. Let us break down some of the common hoaxes surrounding cannabis.

Marijuana addiction isn’t real

Most of the time, people have this misconception that developing a marijuana addiction isn’t true. After all, it is just leaves, right? Well, this is where you are wrong. Marijuana addiction affects millions of people across the world. There are rehab centers across the United States that cater to treating cannabis addiction.

Indeed, the degree of addiction with marijuana isn’t as severe as you’d get with tobacco or drugs but it does affect teens and adults very gravely. The chronic consumption or smoking of marijuana can lead to addiction if the amount is abused. Some individuals even experience withdrawal symptoms after going cold turkey from marijuana. This explains that smoking weed is addictive.

Marijuana available today is the same as the one 50 years back

With the development of situations and products across the world, even the quality and composition of marijuana have changed. THC, which is the primary psychoactive ingredient in marijuana, was available in sparing amounts back in the day. Now, we have marijuana strains that have up to 30% THC in them.

The increase in potency has been very gradual and has evolved over the years. So, it isn’t true when someone says that the composition and effect of the marijuana strain are similar to what it was around 50 years back. Things have changed. There are even strains that are used for medicinal benefits and have high CBD levels in them.

Smoking marijuana in teenagers won’t do ANY harm

The impacts of marijuana are grave, especially when individuals smoke it early. Many teens have the ideology built in their minds that smoking a light strain once or twice won’t do them any harm. However, this is where the chain of addiction starts. You start once and then you are smoking at a regular interval to chase that feeling of high.

Even studies have found that American teens who smoke marijuana once or twice in their teenage years are more likely to drop out of school or have a hard time getting into college. The same has also been found to impact the emotional development of these teens. So, all in all, it doesn’t matter if one smokes one time or two, the impacts are quite prevalent.

Marijuana is just for getting high

This is hands down one of the biggest myths and misconceptions that people harbor in their minds. While this might have held some truth two to three decades back when people smoked just for recreational purposes, things have changed now. The use of cannabis isn’t limited because of the presence of THC in it.

There is medical marijuana available in the market that has potent impacts in relieving mental and physical ailments. There are versatile health benefits to smoking marijuana that most individuals aren’t even aware of. However, one must smoke with caution and never go overboard.

Marijuana won’t hurt my lungs

When it comes to smoking cigarettes, many smokers know that the active ingredient, nicotine, has a bad impact on the lungs. However, what people fail to realize is the fact that the impacts of marijuana are equally bad. Studies have found that smoking marijuana often has 50-70% carcinogenic smoke that can affect the lungs when it is inhaled deeply or the breath is held for longer periods.

However, that doesn’t mean you have to rule out the benefits of marijuana because that isn’t the case at all. This is why most doctors suggest practicing moderation when it comes to smoking marijuana. Don’t go overboard.

Marijuana doesn’t help with mental illness

One of the biggest reasons why people smoke weed is to feel calm and relaxed at the moment. So, for you to say that marijuana won’t help with your mental ailments is a complete lie. Many individuals smoke marijuana because it helps them tackle their stress, anxiety, and even the signs of depression that many people often struggle with. Keep in mind that medically prescribed marijuana is a thing.

Some studies back up the claims and impacts of marijuana on the body. So, it isn’t a question that the effects of marijuana aren’t limited to the physical impacts but have equally potent benefits on mental well-being.

Marijuana won’t cause death

Although occasional smoking of marijuana won’t do you any harm, you need to realize that there are people who do dabbing. If you don’t know what that is, dabbing is when you involve strong concentrates of marijuana in one go. These kinds of strain or smoking involve strains with around 80% THC levels in them.

This can lead to extreme euphoria, feelings of hallucination and hit people harder than they anticipate. Some individuals often pass out when dabbing. If done regularly, dabbing with marijuana can lead to death.

The myths and misconceptions surrounding marijuana have good and bad sides to it. While some individuals have a misconstrued understanding of these strains, some people are naïve enough to brush aside the side effects that come with marijuana. It is thus important that you focus on the good and bad sides of the situation instead of turning a blind eye to it. Also, whenever you are taking up marijuana, smoke it in moderation.