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Sukanta Parthib is a Poet, Writer, Journalist, and SEO Specialist. He is enthusiastic to write on various topics such as health, technology, digital marketing, home improvement, and travel content. He wants to work for human beings, nature, and the environment. He loves reading, writing, researching, and traveling.

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Interior Doors

How to Choose Interior Doors?

In this article, today I will discuss how to choose interior doors? Interior doors have a lot of aesthetic weight but also help insulate...
Software Copyright Protection

Copyright Protection of Software and Other Online Products

In tech industry, producing and marketing software may generate revenue in billion though Bangladesh is yet to accrue such benefit. Problems such as lack...

The Legal Framework on Biodiversity Preservation

The ongoing Covid-19 pandemic reminds us the fact that if we destroy biodiversity, we actually collapse the system that supports human life to exist....

Preventing Pharmaceutical Misconduct

Infodemic and alluring false drugs' promise to cure pandemic COVID-19 are compounding the ongoing public health crisis gradually. Unapproved and unregulated online business of...
Child with Environment

Children’s Right to Environmental Safe

Right to safe environment is a prerequisite to ensure right to life as it is closely related with the standard of life, health and...