The Stigma of Singleness and Why it Hurts Society

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Singleness is seen as a bad thing in modern society, but this is not a new idea. It comes from many years in which it was more valued in the West to continue with traditions like marriage and starting a family than to do something more independent.

This fact has a lot of effects on society, especially when a person doesn’t follow the rules of life when it comes to romantic relationships. Here, we’ll talk about some of the bad things they do to people and society, to try to show that there are other ways to live that don’t have to be what society tells you to do.

People who are unhappy

Everyone gets an education, and from a young age on, we are taught that getting married and having kids is one of the most important goals in life. This means that when we don’t have that option or this isn’t our main interest, we may feel unhappy. The bad thing about this feeling is that it can make us stop appreciating the things we do have and the things we have done because we feel like the ultimate goal is to find a partner.

Low self-esteem

People often have low self-esteem when they want to leave being single as if their worth as people depended on it. Why can’t I just find someone to talk to? Or is there something about me that makes it impossible for someone to love me? They make us have low self-esteem and feel insecure or not good enough, even though there may be many things about us and our lives that are worth recognizing and make us feel good about who we are, but we don’t value them because finding a couple seems more important. Recognize what you’ve done in other ways, like at work, with your emotional intelligence, your commitment to the world, or your creativity, and you’ll see that you’re very valuable, whether or not you have a partner.

We do different things with our relationships

Another bad thing about the stigma of being single is that it makes people less interested in or committed to other kinds of love in their lives, like friendships or family. This is because we think that only romantic couples need our full attention and dedication. This can hurt other people if we don’t pay attention to them just because they aren’t our partner. Even if you have a partner, try to spend equal amounts of time with your friends and family and with your partner.

Everyone wants the same thing

Let’s not forget that there are many people in society with different tastes, and that there are different ways to show and feel love, such as sexual orientation preferences and different ways we want love to be a part of our lives. That is, some people like to be with the same person for a long time and follow tradition in that way, but others feel better with their freedom and independence, and that should also be okay and accepted. In the same way, some people find it easier to show their effect in certain ways, while others prefer to do it in other ways. One of the negative things about being single is the idea that everyone should feel and love the same way. However, this doesn’t work with diversity.

Even if we think about people on the autistic spectrum, whose way of expressing love may be different from the way most people do it, all ways of feeling and expressing love must be equally valid in the world. The singleness stigma seems to reject this because it expects all couples to act according to the same social norms, and it’s time to admit that this hurts society.

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