How to Prepare for Flu Season?

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Almost certainly, flu season will come. Every year, there are a few months when infections like the flu and, in recent years, also covid are common because of the cold and other weather conditions, the plants, and social customs.

Sometimes we manage to avoid getting sick, but the truth is that in the last few months of almost every year, we hear about more and more people getting sick, and eventually, we all get sick too. We’ve seen this happen many times, and as we just said, we should now add the strong presence of covid to the traditional flu season. Covid infections seem to keep coming back, and in recent years, the last few months of the year have been the worst.

So, we want to start getting ready for flu season by giving you some important tips on how to stay healthy during these months.

Food for the body’s defenses

Food is an important part of health, which we all know. But it’s even more important when it comes to boosting and protecting the immune system. There are some foods that help the immune system. They are plant foods that are high in anti-inflammatory phytochemicals, vitamins (A, B6, B12, C, and folic acid), and minerals (copper, iron, selenium, and zinc). They also boost the immune system. To be more specific, don’t leave out garlic, basil, achiote, cinnamon, onion, coriander, cloves, cumin, turmeric, chili, ginger, bay leaf, marjoram, oregano, parsley, pepper, peppers, rosemary, lemon balm, thyme; lemons, oranges, tangerines, guava, blackberries, purple grapes, papaya, pomegranate; prickly pear, pumpkin, squash

Get enough sleep

It is very important to get enough sleep every day so that your immune system stays strong and your body can recover from daily activities, even if they involve fighting a virus that is already in the body. Also, when we sleep, our natural immune response gets stronger (which is our first line of defense against infections, the one that is activated immediately). This is because immunological memory improves while you sleep. Immunological memory is the body’s ability to fight off future infections based on what it has learned from past infections.

Avoid sudden changes in temperature

When the temperature changes a lot, the body’s defenses go down and diseases start to spread. This is because bacteria and viruses, especially those that affect the respiratory system, move in cold and humid places. So, if you’re going to go somewhere cold during flu season, you should cover up well and not go from hot to cold very quickly.

Put on a mask

We may have gotten tired of wearing face masks, but when flu season comes around, it’s best to start wearing them again because they keep us from getting sick. We all know that the most important thing is to use it in small spaces or with a lot of people.

Always wash your hands

Many flu and other infections happen when a person touches a virus and then touches their face or food. Washing your hands often is the best way to avoid this.

Lastly, it’s important to remember that if you have a health condition that makes you especially vulnerable, it’s best to stay at home during these times. For example, people with diabetes or high blood pressure, the elderly, women who are pregnant, or people with diseases that weaken the immune system. Even with these precautions, there is still a chance of spreading the disease, and if you want to avoid it completely, you have to stay away from other people.

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