Top 5 Use Cases for Backconnect Proxies

Backconnect Proxies

Backconnect proxies have a goal to simplify your proxy management and provide you with a pool of IP addresses for handling any large-scale project, such as web scraping multiple target websites. This type of proxies makes an essential part of rotating proxy networks.

Proxies are widely used by IT professionals, software engineers, data scientists, analysts, decision-makers, and business leaders. They give the user access to millions of IP addresses from all over the world in order to allow them to scrape websites and extract valuable data without ever getting detected, banned, or blocked.

Since they are so vital to any web scraping operation, let’s talk about what backconnect proxies are, how they compare to residential proxies, and the most common use cases.

What are backconnect proxies?

Backconnect proxies or proxy servers act like remote computers that allow you to connect to the internet using their location and IP addresses instead of your own. A proxy will enable you to browse the web anonymously, change IPs, hide your location, and so much more, which is why proxies are used for caching content, accessing geo-restricted websites, automation, and so on.

A backconnect proxy operates by providing a connection to a proxy provider’s load balancing server, which selects an IP address that matches the user’s requirements from a pool of available proxies.

Because of that, backconnect proxies never change the gateway, even when IP addresses behind it do. The result is beautiful – you get a wide range of IPs through one unique address that you don’t need to bother managing yourself.

Backconnect and residential proxies

With the rise of web scraping and other similar data acquiring operations that required IP rotation, many businesses have become increasingly interested in the best solutions for IP rotation. This is how residential proxies made their introduction.

However, the problem with residential proxies was that they relied on unstable internet connections of end-users rather than servers. Since this rendered direct access almost impossible, vendors needed a new solution for ensuring direct access, so they came up with backconnect proxy servers.

Backconnect proxies act as a gateway between the internet user and a provider’s pool of available proxies. Instead of getting a list of IPs directly, the user can connect directly to the server and choose from a pool of addresses. This is really important for large-scale operations like web scraping as you get access to managed backconnect proxy servers that pretty much do all the hard work for you.

5 use cases for backconnect proxies

Now that you know what backconnect proxies are, let’s see how you can use them.

When you need to make a lot of requests

Let’s say that you want to access retail and top-rated sneaker sites for some sneaker copping. Since this can be quite profitable, these sites are very protective of their information and highly monitored to protect their data and prevent internet users from getting their hands on limited-edition items extremely quickly.

This is why internet users are limited to buying only one pair per account. If you try to access these sites from multiple accounts using the same IP, you’ll get blocked. Backconnect proxies can bypass such restrictions and provide access to blocked websites as well.

Social networks also don’t take kindly to users with multiple accounts, but you can easily bypass their safety mechanisms with proxies and manage multiple accounts without any interference.

When there are strict blocks in place

Proxies are a fantastic tool for bypassing geo-restricted content. Many service providers, retailers, e-commerce businesses, and third-party websites use geo-restriction mechanisms to lock content and make it exclusive only to internet users from certain countries.

Thankfully, backconnect proxies allow internet users to stream geo-restricted websites without being detected, flagged, or blocked. If you’re looking to scrape data from websites with blocked IPs, you can use proxies to hide your real IP and location and use rotating IPs to get access to any content, regardless of where it is located.

When you need anonymity

Since proxies offer a pool of available IPs and can hide your real location, they are perfect tools for increasing your anonymity online. Whether you want to play the latest video games, keep your instant messaging and video chatting to yourself, improve your internet connection speed, secure your IP, and improve your online anonymity, using a proxy is the right way to do it.

It can make your online activities disappear by decoying your identity. In addition, proxies can benefit businesses by securing their online network, preventing tracking and monitoring, preventing DDoS attacks, and protecting their data and intellectual property.

When you’re targeted with malicious content

Proxies can help improve your anonymity and privacy by securing your IP and adding additional protection layers to your network. This will keep hackers away and protect you and your information.

If you’re running a business, proxies can act as security mechanisms, providing security for your business network that requires protection to keep large amounts of sensitive data secured and safely stored over the network.

When a rotating proxy isn’t enough

Rotating proxies are easy to use for web scraping, very scalable, and highly diverse. However, they come with unpredictable IP history, making it impossible to know if the next IP address will work with the target website.

They can also be quite expensive as providers tend to charge by traffic. However, some target websites simply can’t be scraped using rotating proxies because their rotation is too frequent for the task at hand. In such situations, backconnect proxies can come in handy. If you consider using backconnect proxies, you should definitely check it out.


Backconnect proxies are perfect for a wide range of scenarios. They make proxy management simple and are very scalable and easy to use. If you need a perfect proxy solution that can replace both residential and datacenter proxies, backconnect proxies are the best option.